Why does my car overheat in the summer?

car overheat in the summer
car overheat in the summer

Summer is a great time to be. The fruits are luscious, the vegetables delicious and there are so many ways one can holiday as a family. car overheat in the summer It is also the time when cars typically get overheated and that can be scary for a car owner to deal with. A steaming car engine can be dangerous and stopping immediately in case it happens is important. Understanding why your car gets overheated in the summer is crucial.

The fact is that a car engine can get overheated no matter what the season. But the probability increases during the summer when the temperatures are at their peak. There is heat being generated by the engine, the ambient temperature surrounding it is also hot, and the road gets hot as well. All these contribute to an overheated car needing engine repair car overheat in the summer.

Car Repair In Dubai

Why Cars Get Overheated

Every car has a cooling system whose job is to circulate coolant and antifreeze so that the engine stays at a standard steady operating temperature. This pulls the heat away from the engine and keeps it working as it should. When, due to various reasons, the heat that the engine generates goes much above the standard operating temperature, the cooling system fails to work. This causes car overheat in the summer.

The hot weather during the summer contributes to the heat. The overheating may not just cause damage to the engine, but many other parts of the car, like the seals, hoses, and gaskets. Radiator problems may also cause overheating. Getting car repairs in Dubai done regularly fixes many problems before they turn serious.

Prevention Is Key With Overheating

Proper car maintenance is a crucial factor to prevent a situation of overheating. A coolant flush is a requirement every 30,000 miles your car gets driven. The hoses and belts too have to be replaced every 3 years. The coolant levels need to be checked regularly to make sure that it keeps on working optimally. When you take your car for car repair in Dubai, get the coolant levels checked by a carrepairdubai.ae.

Too low oil levels of a car too can affect the overall temperature. So keeping the motor oil at optimal levels is crucial to prevent overheating. Another reason might be the car’s thermostat not working properly. If this happens, the coolant devices fail to understand that there is a significant rise in temperature and do not do their job. This can cause overheating as well car overheat in the summer.

Things To Do In Case Of car overheat in the summer

There are a few things that you need to do if you suspect your car is overheated.

  1. Pull Over The Car

The best thing to do would be to pull over to a safe space so that you can quickly assess the situation. Turn it off. When you don’t stop your car when it is overheated, you are risking further permanent damage to the inner parts.

  1. Keep Driving Slowly

If the situation or space is such that you cannot stop your car, then keep driving as slowly as you can. Stop when you are comfortable with the area. Make sure you drive slowly and there is a constant air supply surrounding the motor. This will help it in cooling naturally. Do not keep the engine running while resting the car. This will only worsen the heating issue and cause more damage.

  1. Switch off the air conditioner

This may sound counter-productive, but it is not. Switch off your car’s air conditioner and switch on the heat. This may well pull away from the excess heat from the engine and cause it to cool down.

  1. Open Up The Windows

The idea is to try to get away from the heat as much as possible. For this, you have to open up the windows to the car. This enables the heat inside the car to flow out and helps the engine cool down.

  1. Do Not Open Hood Immediately

Once you have managed to stop the car, do not try and open up the hood immediately. Make sure that it has cooled down totally before trying to open the hood. You can check the temperature gauge of your vehicle to know whether it has cooled down enough.

  1. Call For Help

Even after doing this, if your car does not cool down, it is best to call for professional help for engine repair. A professional will be able to guide the car safely so that no permanent damage happens to it.

Quick Tips To Prevent Overheating Of Car

Permanent engine damage is something no car owner will want and there are a few things you can do to avoid overheating even during the summer months.

  • Checking the coolant levels to ensure optimality
  • Keeping enough water in the boot to be used in case overheating happens
  • Storing new antifreeze inside the car
  • Even if the weather is too hot to handle, do not abuse the air conditioner too much
  • Try keeping the engine as cool as possible in case you get the first sign that it is getting overheated

An overheated car is not something that should be taken lightly. It is a serious issue. Regular car repair and checking for wear and tear are a necessity. Regular car maintenance and fixing of small issues prevent bigger issues from cropping up. Don’t let a poor maintenance track record cause permanent damage to your car’s engine.


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