Why Do Businesses Use Oracle ERP?

Oracle ERP
Oracle ERP

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About Oracle ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, simplifies organizations’ operations, automates manual processes and ultimately reduces business costs. Oracle has two cloud ERP software, ERP Cloud and NetSuite, and this software can offer a solution to almost any industry and companies of all sizes. Businesses having NetSuite implementation have many benefits such as correct analytics, managing different systems in a single environment, increasing the management of growth, increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing operating costs. Oracle enterprise software solutions provide the only real resource business leaders need to run their companies efficiently and profitably.

Oracle ERP
Oracle ERP

Why Do Businesses Use Oracle ERP?

Improved insight: Access real-time data between sections for a complete view.

Automation of manual processes: Speedup business operations by automating tasks.

Enhanced collaboration: Users use a single platform to view and analyze business data.

Reduced costs: Well experienced NetSuite developers develop intelligent processes for more efficient operations.

Oracle ERP Products

Oracle ERP Cloud and NetSuite are the leading Oracle Cloud ERP products in the market today.

Oracle ERP cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud is an end-to-end software as a service pack that manages enterprise transactions. The package runs in Oracle’s cloud centers and on Oracle technologies. Oracle ERP Cloud is accessible with both public and private cloud application and supports hybrid deployment. Oracle provides updates to Oracle ERP Cloud at least twice a year. There are different software modules in the Oracle

ERP Cloud package:

  • Financial
  • Accounting Center
  • Supply
  • Project management
  • Risk management
  • Corporate Performance Management (EPM)
  • AI Applications for ERP

Oracle NetSuite ERP

In NetSuite marketplace, NetSuite is the world’s first true cloud solution. More than 22,000 companies, organizations and affiliates worldwide use NetSuite. With a wide variety of tools and applications, you can run your entire business on NetSuite and maximize your company’s performance with built-in business intelligence functions.

NetSuite can be run efficiently across many industries and has been specifically optimized for a range of industries including distribution, manufacturing, retail, nonprofits and more. Some of the modules you can use:

  • Oracle NetSuite Financial Management
  • Oracle NetSuite Financial Planning
  • Oracle NetSuite Order and Invoice Management
  • Oracle NetSuite Production Management
  • Oracle NetSuite Supply Chain and Inventory Management
  • Oracle NetSuite Warehouse and Shipment

Why Oracle ERP?

If the current system is no longer sufficient for your company, it may be time to consider ERP. Oracle remains the top supplier of choice. Reasons businesses choose Oracle ERP today:

  • Seven years ERP market leader, according to Nucleus Research
  • Continuous investment in products with a research and development budget of more than 5 billion dollars
  • 430,000 customers cannot be wrong
  • Wide user group resources
  • Oracle partner ecosystem

ERP is more than just an IT project – the ERP system is a business tool that works to make business processes more efficient, reduce costs and increase revenue. Oracle and Anchor group are business partners that businesses rely on to deliver a system that helps them succeed.

On the other hand, It provides both NetSuite app for iPhone and for Android phones, where the actions can be managed on the phone.

Oracle ERP


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