Top 7 VoIP Services to Use to Get Virtual Phone Number

Virtual Phone Number

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an innovation that permits you to make voice calls utilizing a broadband Internet connection over a virtual phone number rather than an ordinary or simple telephone line. Virtual communication innovation is present of assistance for individuals who need to be accessible consistently, paying little mind to where they are in the world. IP communication is a discovery in cutting edge communications technology. No business could effectively lead their affairs without it, as the consistent connection held with customers and partners is fundamental. Below are the top companies which provide the best VoIP services.

Use to Get Virtual Phone Number


Grasshopper gives a simple virtual phone number service for new companies and private ventures. It accompanies a mobile application that permits you to deal with your business phone framework on any gadget and from any area. They offer virtual business numbers, vanity numbers, local numbers for various areas, and 800 and 833 toll-free numbers to select from. You can keep business and individual calls separate with a similar gadget and never miss a call. Grasshopper consolidates all fundamental features in a single bundle with call forwarding, voice message, business messaging, business VoIP and WiFi calling, automated welcome, and more. It costs $26 each month for 1 number and 3 augmentations.

Jive Communications:

Virtual Phone Number

Jive Communications gives a strong business VoIP framework to organizations and offers virtual phone number. Jive furnishes clients with unlimited calling, call sending, and more than 80 business-grade features for a fixed month to month rate per client. With a ton of remote workers this option is best. Jive offers more than 80 features; that is fundamental for business activities. Jive offers the best sum and choice of business features of any supplier in the VoIP business. You can make a timetable ahead of time with an incorporated custom dial plan, which turns off when you leave. You can likewise program custom greetings into your timetable. Find Me/Follow Me is an element offered by Jive that allows clients to route approaching calls to numerous different telephone numbers so you can get the call regardless of where you are.

Jive likewise includes call management features like call transfer and call forwarding, call blocking, and different functions that you can customize. A call screening feature allows the client to hear the name and telephone number of every caller before replying. Jive is amazingly simple to set up. VoIP phones that are pre-programmed will be mailed to you by Jive. At the point when you plug them in, you can be fully operational in an exceptionally brief timeframe. Jive is a standout amongst other evaluated companies in the VoIP business. Most clients are happy with their services. Jive’s pricing is straightforward. 1 to 4 clients cost $29.95 per month, 5 to 9 clients cost $25.95 per month, 10 to 24 clients cost $23.95 per month, 25 to 49 clients cost $21.95 per month, and 50 to 100 clients cost $19.95 per month. Jive additionally offers custom pricing for more than 100 clients.


VirtualPBX assist you to monitor your calls in real-time. This service gives Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to manage call traffic of a particular division at your virtual phone number. You can modify the phone number that accommodates your brand and you can show your business name and number on an outgoing caller ID. Your current business number can be transferred to Talkroute, and it set a date and time when your telephone is free. This application supports sound conferencing. You can forward call to any gadgets you have picked. It gives Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) coordination. You can make a call from your internet browser. It has a status pointer that assists you to know the status of the VirtualPBX platform.


In contrast to numerous different virtual phone number providers, VirtualPhone offers clients worldwide numbers without charging any additional expenses. Clients will get a lotzAxcof features, including fax abilities, unlimited extensions, voice message customization, and an automatic attendant. This company gives customers a beginning bundle at a reasonable cost. VirtualPhone is picked by numerous free entrepreneurs who want to venture into worldwide business sectors without trading off their domestic presence. VirtualPhone offers substantially more than a heap of various texts. This provider offers plans which incorporate SMS capacities, voice message, and call forwarding choices, auto-attendant abilities, worldwide and domestic numbers, and considerably more.

With the automated attendant feature, clients can route calls to various landline or mobile numbers. Clients can likewise make their own messages for some inbound callers. VirtualPhone offers a large group of call management alternatives, including call forwarding and the capacity to have various phones ring in a coordinated way. The entirety of the accessible features is arranged inside the organization’s mobile application or site. VirtualPhone gives customers an unlimited number of extensions to give every agent their own line. Each extension accompanies call routing, customize welcome, and voice message choices. Clients can call customers and clients with the softphone application. VirtualPhone has a quick and basic setup process.

The UI is direct and easy to explore. It just takes around ten minutes for the client to make an account. New clients are given in-depth tutorials disclosing how to utilize the platform’s main capacities. All accessible choices can be flipped and chosen using the dashboard accessible through the UI. With VirtualPhone, clients can pick for pay as they go. There are additionally three fixed installment plans accessible. The starter bundle can go from $0 to $19 every month, relying upon the client’s choice of available features. The medium plan begins at $39 and can reach $99 sometimes. The most costly bundle offered by VirtualPhone begins at $149 and comes to $499 each month. These three plans permit clients to modify their allotted amount of texts or minutes for the month. 

Google Voice:

As recommended by an assignment help firm, Google Voice is an expert virtual phone number provider. It works incredible on your brilliant gadgets and web applications to settle on business calls from your virtual phone number. You need to sign in to your G Suite record to utilize these services. They offer two plans: Personal and Business. The individual plan is free from cost, and you can use it with any Google Apps. In the Business plan, you likewise get the fundamental features like call forwarding, live receptionist, and more. The personal plan is free. The business plan begins from $10 each month per client.

In 2007, was established in Newark, New Jersey. While they emphasize their US services, the organization additionally gives virtual phone number around the planet. As indicated by their Bloomberg profile, the organization gives voice over internet phone services for business people, home offices, small businesses, and individuals. They are one of few suppliers that additionally sell physical work area phones from their site. It provides different features including, Call Logs, Call Blocking, E911, Fax, IVR, Voicemail to Email, Custom Caller ID, Call Transfer, Audio Conferencing, and Mobile App. does not differentiate in pricing between toll-free and local numbers. You pick your plan and afterward pay for any extra talk time or features not previously included. The base plan has 1 number, 300 minutes, 5,00 SMS messages, Voicemail to Email for $12.99 each month.


Nextiva gives considerably more than a virtual business phone number. The Business Communications Suite brings an incredible mix of features for uniting team communication giving proficient customer care, and tracking productivity. The organization offers these services for a fraction of the cost it would cost you to get virtual phone number for your group, a CRM, and an analytics tool. Nextiva’s VoIP boasts 99.9% of uptime, so it is ideal for entrepreneurs searching for a reliable supplier. The company offers a selection of local and public business numbers, but it lacks international numbers. Nextiva gives over 40 VoIP features, making it extraordinary compared to other virtual phone frameworks you can discover for your business.

These features incorporate call screening, queuing, forwarding, holding, blocking, auto-attendant, and voicemail. There are several uncommon features like call park, call pulling, voicemail forwarding, and AI-empowered voicemail to email. Nextiva texting allows you to watch out for customers who are not enthusiastic about talking but still need to connect with your organization. With its best in class cloud PBX, you can say farewell to your customary work area telephone. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of Nextiva softphones for internal and outside correspondence over the web with HD call quality. Large organizations can keep their current equipment or purchase extra telephones sold by this VoIP specialist co-op. Nextiva’s offer comprises a virtual office phone solution and a CRM system.

For a budget-friendly cost, the Business Communications Suite allows you to store contact information, give omnichannel communication to customers, and examine your performance. The Nextiva pricing structure is lower for organizations with more employees. On the off chance that you run a limited scale operation, utilizing less than five individuals, you will pay monthly charges of $35 per client. For the Basic Business Communication Suite, $38 for the Pro plan and $55 for the Enterprise plan. The costs go down separately to $30, $33, and $45 each month if you are charged every year. Then again, organizations with over 100 workers are charged just $20 to $30 each month if they commit to an entire year. 


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