Top 5 Microsoft Teams tips and tricks should know

Microsoft Teams tips

When the world faced lockdown and businesses forced employees Microsoft Teams tips to stay at home and continue to job remotely, it was rather difficult to take a grip and concentrate on the signs of progress with the regular works. But by the help of some supportive apps and services like video meeting apps and remote teamwork services have simplified the situation to a positive level. Microsoft Teams is one such video meetings app and remote teamwork service which actually a combined group effort and communication platform that helps anyone to connect with the team members and collaborate on a project.

There are some Microsoft Teams tips and tricks included here that everyone should know to have the maximum benefits while using the Microsoft Teams service to have easy business communications and meetings.

Top 5 Microsoft Teams tips

1. Record Teams meetings

Sometimes while meeting with teammates, there may certain collaborations that need to use later as a reference or replay to understand more. In this situation, Microsoft Teams gives the opportunity to record things to save audio, video or screen to use later. This feature stores recorded files to Microsoft Stream to have secure sharing capability to teammates. To begin recording the current meeting, just select the three-dot button and choose Start Recording. Once completed, just do the same to stop recording.

2. Filter activity with mentions

If the channel has many members, there might have a slide of messages overflowing throughout a group discussion — to an amount where it occasionally happens to complicated to carry on track of the messages.

To keep away from missing out significant messages, filter on the discussions with mentions could apply to divide the necessary messages from the rest of the crowd. To do it, just move to Activity and choose the funnel sign from the right and then click on the three-dot key beside the Type to filter box and choose Mentions. It will show some most important content in the Activity part. Additionally, move to Activity and select the drop-down key beside Feed and choose My Activity, which will show a complete catalog of all activities.

3. Set team or channel as Favorite

If it needed to work with many projects at a time, it can be mystifying sometimes to continue with the progressions of a team that needs maximum concentration. In this situation, there is an opportunity to mark a team or a Channel to list of favorite, which is accessible at the Favorites part on the top left to open it and click on the three-dot button and choose Favorite.

4. Follow a channel for updates

As with how to favorite a team or channel to have a structured part to access fast, there is an option to follow a team or channel to receive fast updates which make things very handy to know the fresh updates or developments of the team. team or channel can be followed by simply open it and then click on the three-dot button, a list of choices will show, just choose to follow this channel and it will be followed and it will send notification of updates through push notification.

5. Mark messages as unread

While channel features help to order conversations with teammates on different things, but it can occasionally get out if a big number of members exist in a channel and it can promptly go round from rather helpful to a crowd of populated messages. But there is an option to mark the significant messages on the main concern as unread to avoid this issue, as Unread messages are readable later. To turn a message into unread, just open the discussion and locate the message that needs to mark as unread and utilize the three-dot button beside it then simply use the “Mark as unread” option from the pop-up. All unread messages are accessible by typing “/unread” on the search box.

As working from home is happening widely by employees through video meetings services like Microsoft Teams, people are finding that corners of the home are not suitable to show in video calls. But using Microsoft Teams shouldn’t be an issue of anxiety, as it can hide everything of the home corner by means of a virtual background. Just set a preferred image as virtual background throughout a meeting to put a messy room out of sight. So it will be very easy to have a professional environment for the next meetings by using any chosen office team’s background by uploading a suitable image as virtual background.

Though initially Microsoft Teams only works with the existing default backgrounds. To set a virtual background throughout a video call, just use the three-dot button and choose “Show background effects”, it will show the background settings option on the right side with a collection of default backgrounds, just choose a background and click on “Preview” button to see how it will look and to add that as virtual background simply choose and click on Apply button.

hope the list of Microsoft Teams tips and tricks will make it simple to use this video conferencing and easy communication service to have maximum benefits.


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