Team building activities to enjoy in Singapore despite being quarantined

Team building activities

Positive interaction is vital to every company, every team. It builds bonds, stimulates feelings of euphoria, and encourages social well-being. But it is hard to bond with your coworkers if you have never really met in person.

Besides, team building activities in Singapore have made communication easier. Companies have implemented policies to have team building activities every once in a while. This way, the remote employees could always be linked.

Team building activities to enjoy in Singapore

How is it going so far?

Employees had learned to share the screen digitally, learned to eat while on the microphone, and worked out how to get tasks completed amid the at-home interruptions, but something that bothered them was a lack of teamwork, togetherness, and a mutual bond that came with working under the same roof. 

While attempting to foster a corporate environment can be hard to manage when staff is isolated. The ongoing worldwide recession is among the most critical moments to encourage a stable, safe place for staff to relax, interact, and remain friends via mutual understanding. This is where team building activities come to the rescue.

Such social, engaging activities provide teams with the time and space to collaborate in a friendly environment, exchange a fun moment, and do something different collectively. 

Why do such activities matter so much?

The lack of sufficient in-person contact is a big obstacle for virtual teams. The study indicates that virtual employees establish more inadequate social connections than their in-house peers. It is not unusual, though, because most of them had never interacted with one another, nor did they have any team building activities.

Frequent team building activities must be a necessity for virtual workers. It facilitates a personal link between virtual coworkers, creating a level of belongingness, equality, and participation.

Is it helpful?

As they no longer can relax and enjoy the day-to-day, casual experiences that made them interact with one another, people always enjoyed those regular short talks around the vending machine. 

However, now since many of the teams are quarantined due to the covid 19. Therefore, the team building activities in Singapore allowed the team to frequently meet for discussions on their annual report and monitor their success extensively. 

Moreover, it also helped them schedule a range of online activities to keep everyone united as a team and engage individually. It comes out that this virtual plan is indeed a foundation for managing and presenting diverse teams in friendly online environments. It will surely go a long way, I believe.

What else could help teams to stay connected besides activities?

You can schedule daily online fitness workouts for employees to join on Zoom or skype. Go for meditation, pilates, yoga, fitness exercises, therapy, etc. Most lessons could be live and conducted by a trainer in video form, whereas others can be pre-recorded classes, or you may attach youtube links. 


The purpose of such initiatives should solely inspire people to engage and remain involved in their jobs and stay happy.


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