Steps to Pay Property Tax Online in Delhi

Property Tax Online in Delhi

Owning a property in any part of the country comes with quite a few responsibilities. Among these is its upkeep Property Tax Online in Delhi, development and, most importantly, timely payment of property tax. Delhi, and all other states in the country, require all property owners to pay this tax as it is a key source of revenue for authorities. In Delhi, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) levies the tax and is responsible for collecting it from all property owners within its boundaries. As such, if you own land in Delhi, knowing how to pay property tax online can come in handy.

The MCD levies this tax against all land, including vacant land. However, the property tax rate varies based on whether it is residential, commercial, rented residential, or industrial land. Moreover, the MCD has 3 main bodies: North MCD, East MCD, and South MCD, each with its own jurisdiction. When paying house tax in Delhi, it is important to be aware of this information so that you use the right portal when you choose to pay property tax online. For a guide on the process, take a look at these pointers Property Tax Online in Delhi.

How to pay property tax online in Delhi

Learning how to pay property tax online is quite easy as the digital provisions are designed to be convenient. Here are the simple steps to follow.

  1. Locate your property ID
  2. Visit the official website and choose your region
  3. Read the terms, and agree to them by checking the box
  4. Click the ‘Click here to file property tax’ button
  5. Enter your property ID and click submit
  6. Review your property details and enter the required information to compute the tax payable
  7. Choose your payment option and pay property tax online
  8. Click the ‘Generate Challan’ option to get the receipt

While it is a straightforward process, simply knowing how to pay property tax in Delhi isn’t enough, you also need to know the terms of payment and how it is calculated. Keep reading to know more about Property Tax Online in Delhi.

What are the due date and penalty terms of property tax in Delhi?

There are certain states that allow you to pay property tax online and offline, bi-annually and in parts. However, for house tax in Delhi, you must pay the entire sum at once and before the first quarter of the given financial year or 30th June. Doing so gives you a tax rebate of 15% on the total payable sum. However, if the tax isn’t paid by these dates, you attract a penalty of 1% for every month of non-payment.

How is property tax in Delhi calculated?

The MCD has adopted the Unit Area System to compute property tax and here’s how it works.

Property tax = Annual value * Rate of tax

Here, the annual value is attained by the following formula:

Unit area value per sq. metre * covered area of property * age factor * occupancy factor * flat factor * use factor

The value for unit area per sq. metre is simply the value per sq. metre of the property’s built-up area as per its type. Age factor ranges from 0.5 to 1, with newer properties attracting a higher tax.

What is the general process to pay property tax online?

To pay property tax online, it is important that you first gather any property ID material or documentation you will need. Following this, here are steps to follow.

  • Log on to the official website of your state’s municipal corporation
  • Look for the ‘Property Tax’ option
  • Select your property type or enter the property tax number, revenue survey number or Khatha number, as requested
  • Select the right year for tax assessment
  • Verify the details of your property and the outstanding amount
  • Choose your payment option and pay property tax online
  • View and save the receipt or challan for proof of payment

Knowing the general process is important as MCD has three bodies, any of which could tweak their online process at any time. Thanks to digitisation and the several online provisions made available by state governments, you no longer have to wait in lengthy queues at crowded government offices to pay your property tax. Delhi and many of the other states also offer rewards to encourage early or timely payment. This is why you should pay property tax online as it is quick, requires minimal effort, and is fairly easy to undertake. However, if you aren’t tech-savvy, you have the option to pay the tax offline at an ITZ cash counter Property Tax Online in Delhi.

Now that you know how to pay property tax online pledge to pay your dues well before the deadline and benefit from the rebate that MDC offers! Property Tax Online in Delhi


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