Prime 5 motives to start a tourism Business in Dubai

tourism Business in Dubai

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Tourism Business

Tourism is a profitable business that many entrepreneurs around the world are constantly eyeing. Promoting tourism as a business is a smart way to boost the economy of the country. It is one of the fast-growing business industries. People and countries that invest in such business are making a huge profit by marketing themselves. Two-thirds of businessmen are always looking for a business place to do their business as well as a place they can relax. That is why Dubai is flourishing in this particular segment.

Tourism Business in Dubai

Tourism as a business in Dubai has made a huge impact on the countries’ economy. Several developing countries are mainly dependent on travel and tourism because the particular industry contributes a lot to the country. The same goes with Dubai. It not only creates opportunities for local tourism companies but also for the success of international companies.

Dubai takes the tourism industry into an out-of-the-world experience. Tourism has always been one of the best business sectors in the Middle East region. Dubai, being the center of UAE undeniably ranks as the top-visited city in the world. The place offers an incredible choice for individuals from a business purpose to an entertainment experience.

The tourism industry in Dubai is in great shape because of the special attention the government pays to the tourism sector. They take advantage of income traffic and attract them towards tourism services. The business setup consultants in Dubai have been working a lot to achieve this position along with the government.

Why should you start a tourism business in Dubai?

If you are planning on starting a tourism business in Dubai then there is a lot for you to learn. Setting up a business in Dubai can be difficult at first but it is easy with the help of a business setup company in Dubai.

Check out these greatest reasons why you should try the tourism business in Dubai. The scope is huge yet we can only provide you shortlist of reasons to start tourism in Dubai.

World-famous tourist hub

Dubai is an evergreen tourist destination. People around the world dream to visit the place once in their lifetime. The beautiful landmarks, huge events, famous Dubai Shopping, gorgeous architecture, delicious food all attracts millions of tourists each year. That is why Dubai is acknowledged as the world’s most visited city by travelers. In evidence, it builds up a way for those who are starting a business in Dubai.

Ideal location

Dubai makes up the central location. It is located between Asia, Africa, and Europe which itself makes it an International Business and travel hub. International trading, export, import, hospitality, tourism, and other business activities attract a set of tourists as well as famous businessmen around the world. There is no trouble regarding transportation because it has access to both air and sea transportation.


UAE is tax-free yet provides us a luxury tourist experience for visitors. Dubai is known for being an elegant location without paying any tax. The hospitality is undeniable in the case of the City of Gold. The economy of the United Arab Emirates is well known for its diversity. Except for foreign bank branches, hotels, and major oil and gas firms, almost all forms of business are tax-free. The government of Dubai does not levy a personal income tax, value-added tax ( VAT), corporate tax, retention tax, or capital gains tax.

 Safe and Luxury life

Dubai is famous for its lowest crime rates. They promise political and security stability. For instance, it increases the FDI. As FDI rapidly increases, the overall standard of living style increases. According to the UN Happiness Index, UAE is ranked as the 14th happiest nation in the world.

Your customers will be happy to find a luxury hotel, yacht, gulf clubs, etc. Also, there is a chance of getting a high net worth of individuals such as important personalities and celebrities.

Quick access to Tourism license

tourism business in Dubai

A business setup consultant in Dubai can help you with easy access to a tourism license. The different business department needs different licenses to activate the industry. In such a way, Dubai tourism needs a tourism license. The Tourism Authority of Dubai approves the license for the people.

Visa and residency services

UAE residents are on the beneficial side while setting up a business in Dubai. There are offices for rent in Dubai, for long periods for residents in Dubai. They can open bank accounts, obtain visas for other countries and also come and go UAE at any time.

People visit Dubai for two main reasons. Firstly, for business purposes and secondly for leisure purposes. To get a visa, the person simply has to keep all the essential items with them. When you are setting up a business in Dubai, you also need an investor visa to start up the process. Further, you can provide visas to the visitors and also for the International employees if you are hiring one.

Accessibility to both land, water, and air

Dubai has great access to lands, water, and air because Emirates is a hub to one of the largest air and seaports, Dubai International Airport and Jabal Ali port. It makes transportation of goods by air and sea convenient. This attracts a large number of tourists for business as well as entertainment.

Free zones

Several free zones are actively operational in Dubai. Without partnering with local sponsors, foreign investors and entrepreneurs can set up shop. They can acquire 100% ownership of the company. Each free zone is unique and offers licenses in a variety of industries.


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