5 Most Popular Road Trip Destinations in Dubai, Rent Ferrari in Dubai

Rent Ferrari in Dubai

The popular opinion Rent Ferrari in Dubai states that if your vacation has adventure written on it, you need to visit Dubai. From amusement Parks, luxurious lifestyle, exciting resorts to exotic beaches and fascinating deserts, Dubai is a complete package of thrilling and adventurous vacation. You might have seen many lists of adventurous things to do in Dubai. One thing that can surely top everything is renting a sports car and taking a road trip around the city. UAE has a striking road structure that adds to the road trip, and the options on car rentals open up a new door to adventure. You can easily rent Lamborghini in Dubai, or if you are a Ferrari fan, rent Ferrari in Dubai of any model and for as long as you want.

5 Most Popular Road Rent Ferrari in Dubai

Rent Ferrari in Dubai

Luxury car rental in Dubai is a convenience in Dubai. People who frequently visit Dubai, rent luxury cars and enjoy stress-free and comfortable traveling all around the city. With the increase in the demand for luxury cars, these car rentals have introduced hourly rental of sports cars, and many people, residents, or otherwise rent these sports cars for different occasions.

So if you have decided on your car here are the top 5 road trip destinations that you can go to.

Ras Al Khaimah

Dubai is not all desert and ocean. It is a combination of everything you require on your trip. For example, if you enjoy light hiking and mountain camping, Ras al Khaimah is the place for you. The place is famous for overnight camping. People go early on weekends and stay there until morning to experience the sunrise. Hiking and camping aside the road to the mountains are exquisite. The twists and turns between the mountains make the place even more attractive. The best option would be to rent Rent Ferrari in Dubai,and not miss out on this mountain drive on one of the best sports cars in the world.

Rent Ferrari in Dubai


Al-Ain is considered as a more green bit of UAE. It has many significant places like Jebel Hafeet mountains, Al Ain Oasis, Public Gardens and the town has much more historical places but the best part is the road from Dubai to Al-Ain. The road is wide and on a good weather day, a convertible is a much more exciting option for this road trip as it is not as hot as the other cities in emirates. So contact the best luxury car rental in Dubai, get yourself a sports car and drive up to the city to top the adventurous fun.

Hatta Dubai

Hatta Dubai is yet another perfect place to visit by a road trip. One of the great cars to rent for your Hatta trip will be a Lamborghini. Rent Lamborghini in Dubai and enjoy the mesmerizing road trip through the picturesque mountains of hatta. The place has some amazing attractions for the people who like mountaineering, Kayak and boating. The gorgeous lake surrounded by gorgeous mountains makes it a perfect weekend spot. Apart from that, you can visit the 16th century Hatta Fort, Hatta Hill Park and the village is a perfect place to visit as well.


Located 292kms from Dubai on the north-eastern edge of the Empty Quarter (Rub-al-Jali), a vast desert spread across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Yemen. It is a vast area covered with dunes and is a perfect place to take a road trip. The road passes from a desert named “The Empty Quarter” and as suggested by the name the place is mostly empty and the road doesn’t have a lot of traffic too. So get the best car from the best luxury car rental in Dubai,turn up your favourite songand set out for this relaxing trip.

Rent Ferrari in Dubai

Dibba Al Fujairah

So you have taken a trip through the mountains and the dunes, it’s time to drive to the seaside. What is the purpose of visiting emirates, if you can’t take a trip alongside the sea. Just imagine you driving a convertible on a road with mountains on one side and the sea on the other side. Trip to Dibba is such a place. The ideal trip would be to rent Lamborghini in Dubai or a Ferrari convertible and set out the journey. The result of this road trip is endless fun of marine clubs, beach resorts, fishing, sailing, diving and snorkelling. So these things make Dibba Al Fujairah a great road trip and a perfect place to experience adventurous activities.

Road trips are one of those things that allow you to free your mind from all the hectic situations and monotonous life routines. If you decide to rent Ferrari in Dubaiand start the trip from there, the experience doubles itself, and you will feel the difference yourself. One thing you need to keep in mind while travelling to these places is to keep your passport with you at all times, and also check with your luxury car rental in Dubai if they allow their cars to go out of Dubai. Clear these things, and you are good to go.



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