Real-Time Chat and Online Community: Creating an Engaging User Experience!

Online Community

An Online Community is a basis for communication on the internet. It can be defined as a group of people with a shared interest, common concerns, or purpose who use the internet to connect with each other.

Even for non-members, online communities are an incredible source of information. For instance, a person being a non-member of an online community reads user reviews while buying a product.

Yet, even the most famous communities have been experiencing users fall off. Users are creating closer-knit sub-communities on other platforms using other real-time messaging apps.

What is the reason behind it?

Well, the online communities are failing to provide a space for a private conversation to users. Hence due to the lack of communication options, users move to third-party apps to have straight and more specialized communication.

This is an immense loss for platforms because their user base starts to shrink, and other micro-communities are created outside of that platform.

What can online communities gain by adding a real-time chat?

Online Community

A potential feature that can help to overcome this challenge is the real-time messaging API for online community platforms. This gives users, the opportunity to chat right within the community platform without having to form separate groups on other apps.

For instance, sports fans watching a live game and commenting on it in real-time. This fosters communication and collaboration between users and keeps them retained over that platform.

For an online community, in-app chat services have much more significant benefits. Since their users are not leaving their platform to chat, engagement and retention are much greater. This is the ultimate goal of integrating in-app chat API into a platform. This improves the native user experience and does not let users leave.

By implementing the chat feature, an online community continues to serve as the place where users can express their public thoughts, share rich media, ask questions for everyone to answer, etc. Hence by providing an opportunity for private real-time conversation, online communities can form smaller communities within the larger platform, encouraging more interaction.

Which Communities Will Be the First to Benefit From Implementing  Real-Time Chat?

In general, any and every online community can benefit from real-time chat functionality.

  1. Healthcare Communities
  2. Marketplace and E-commerce Communities
  3. Banking and financial services Communities
  4. Sports or games Communities
  5. Various religious, charity, or other non-profit organizations
  6. Video Communities
  7. Dating and Matrimonial Communities and many more!

Future of Real-time Chat

There is no doubt that online communities have a wealth of resources that no other platform can match. This wealth is because of users, who crowdsource information to build up a powerful and searchable repository. Hence it gets important for online communities to retain and engage their users and prevent them from moving to different platforms to communicate.

This is where real-time chat comes into play and takes user experience to the next level — by fostering interpersonal communication, interaction, and support based on the knowledge they already host on a platform. It is a great combination and a win-win situation for both platform providers and users.

Furthermore, as the number of real-time chat applications will increase, large financial institutions will be moving towards chatbots-based online chat engines, which give prompt replies to online queries posted. This will further boost the interaction and collaboration between users.


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