RBL Savings Account

With an RBL bank digital RBL Savings Account, you can deposit, withdraw, pay, and send funds. The highest interest rate that you can avail up to 6.75%. You can open a bank account online with RBL anytime.

Along with the general banking services, RBL bank provides access to many facilities and value-added services. This article will help you understand the RBL bank interest on the savings account, eligibility and documentation required. 

RBL Savings Account Digital Savings Account

You can open a digital savings account of RBL bank with a PAN and Aadhaar number. The procedure is paperless, and you can open your account instantly. Also, you are not charged any maintenance fee if you start an RD or SIP of at least Rs. 2000.

How to apply for opening an RBL Digital Savings Account?

You can apply online for an RBL bank savings account in two ways:

  • RBL MoBank 2.0 app
  • RBL bank’s official website

Interest rates for RBL Digital Savings Account

The bank interest on savings account vary as listed below:

  1. Calculation of interest-based on a daily balance basis.
  2. Customers need to contact their Relationship Manager/ Branch Manager for balances above INR 5 crore. 
  3. Rates apply on the entire balance above INR 1 lakh based on the above-mentioned slab. The interest rate of 4.75% per annum on an initial balance of INR 1 lakh.
  4. The interest rates may vary from time to time. 

Top seven features of RBL Digital Savings Account

Some of the premium features of an RBL Digital Savings Account are listed below:

  1. Fund Transfer

Transfer funds to other accounts free of cost using any fund transfer options such as UPI, IMPS, NEFT, and RTGS. You can instantly transfer the funds whenever required.

  1. Cash Withdrawal

Cash withdrawal from any ATM in the country allowed for free until the 11th transaction. You can withdraw your saved funds from any branch of RBL in India.

  1. Investments

Put spare cash from the account in fixed deposits or mutual funds to maximize the returns. There is no additional charge for availing of these services.

  1. Safe banking

Your data is safe with you, thanks to the two-factor authentication required for sign up. You can set up the authentication feature in RBL MoBank 2.0 app.

  1. Net Banking

Use all net banking features through RBL MoBank 2.0 app. The app is user-friendly, and you can access these services 24/7 without paying any extra charges.

  1. Track balance

Check all transactions associated with your digital savings account anytime with the RBL MoBank 2.0 app. You can get all the information bundled up in the account statement and download it for reference.

  1. Debit card

Receive the Titanium First Debit card associated with your account to make payments seamlessly. You can use it for online transactions or at any brick-and-mortar store.

Documentation for RBL Digital Savings Account

The documents required to open RBL Digital Savings Account are listed below:

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card


RBL Savings Account is among the few financial institutions that provide high-interest rates and add-on services to customers at no extra cost. You can open your RBL Digital Savings Account online. Further, the RBL bank interest on saving accounts is much higher compared to other banks. 


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