5 Quintessential Tools To Manage Schools Better During The Pandemic

Manage Schools Better During The Pandemic

The education system has collapsed with the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, Manage Schools Better During The Pandemic affecting millions of students around the globe. Apps for school management during Covid-19 have emerged as the savior to help schools and educators bridge the learning gap and manage different school activities.

Because of technology, students can avail themselves of professional writing services for thesis writing or essay writing guide help from experts. Schools can use free school management tools to simplify their regular tasks.

Below I have enlisted the top five school management apps which have transformed a teacher’s day-to-day activities.


feKara is a popular cloud-based school management software used by institutions worldwide for its quick and user-friendly interface. Tracking students’ assignments to managing internal staff, feKara makes administration and management tasks less challenging. It comes with a mobile app and works on all mobile devices.

Manage Schools Better During The Pandemic

The free version is an all-around admin package for a school with 50 or fewer students and five teachers, which is why it is an ideal tool for small schools. But if you upgrade to the highest tier at a charge of $330, the operation is open for unlimited students and teachers.

MyClassCampus Apps:

MyClassCampus is an all-in-one school management solution that helps the management, teacher, students, and parents to digitalize academic and school activities. The platform is simple, user-friendly, and can be used for single to multiple branches operating from different locations.

Also, it is a round-the-clock learning app, easy to access from mobile devices. Live classes, audio lectures, e-assignments, study cards, online tests, etc., are some of the most sought-after features of this tool. Not just that! MyClassCampus can genuinely be your one-stop solution in this remote learning setting for inventory management to finance management.

Gibbon Apps:

Gibbon is free, open-source software available to help schools seamlessly plan their lessons and assessments. It is multilingual, and the workflows are designed for easy use by teachers, students, administrators, and parents to stay on top of all school activities.

The software is wholly student-centric and allows teachers to understand their students and bridge the students’ learning gap. Gibbon is regularly upgraded to make to improve the efficiency in learning, teaching, and school management.

Ireava Apps:

Ireava is another top-ranked school management ERP software schools have adopted over the pandemic to manage school activities effortlessly. The pricing starts from $200, which gives you access to numerous ERP features, mobile applications, and study modules for unlimited children.

The SaaS-based ERP is customizable and helps to manage everything from one place. You no longer have to rely on multiple software or tools for school management. It provides regular updates to the parents, teachers, and students about various school activities and builds a strong teaching and learning relationship.

The Ireava ERP Apps can help you focus on the core school management activities, streamlining finances to managing resources, optimizing data, and getting optimum control without hindrance.

Clobas Apps:

Clobas is an advanced software solution for all modern educational institutions. This cloud-based school management system contains primary functionalities, including learning management, academic and administration.

The platform is ideal for teachers, students and parents to collaborate on daily school activities anytime, anywhere.

Clobas is widely used in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and many more in over 100+ schools to enhance learning in the current situation.

Closing note

With the sudden shift in the learning environments, students, educators, and parents worldwide have adopted various advanced apps and essay typer tools to improve learning engagement and reduce the gaps created by sudden closures.

These tools have simplified virtual learning, teaching, and school management and kept everyone engaged and motivated to learn remotely. Hence, it’s only safe to say that such apps are here to stay as the use of modern apps and virtual learning will only grow with time.

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