Improve Employee Attendance with Attendance Management Software

Employee Attendance with Attendance Management Software

Be it your traditional punch-cards or hi-tech biometric system, tracking employee Attendance Management Software and work hours is a very crucial part of any organization that is serious about employee productivity and maintaining a good working environment. 

With an expectation set for employees to regularly keep track of their check-in time once they arrive at work and note down their check-out time when they leave, there are situations that may go ‘south’ wherein an employee may be marked absent for the day because she/he had forgotten to check-out or check-in, creating a whole set of processes which need to be taken care of manually if not addressed then and there. Hence, there is no denying the fact that manual timekeeping practices take a toll on employee productivity and morale.

Employee Attendance with Attendance Management Software

The unavailability of a reliable and compatible employee attendance management system creates a drawback for organizations since they are faced with compliance issues, payroll mismatches, leave balance errors, and more. Integrating with attendance management software will help in saving time, significantly reduce administrative work by automating workflows, maintain accurate attendance records, and finally, eliminate any process bottlenecks.

Having said that, here are the top 6 reasons why an organization should be using an attendance management system in the first place – 

  • Close to cent percent Accuracy:

To err is human, sometimes even if supporting computational devices are being provided. With an automated attendance management system, organizations can ensure accurate time records and completely eradicate or minimize the inevitable and costly errors with manual data entry. This accuracy of data aids to provide accurate performance and payroll data.

  • Productivity and Efficiency: 

Manually managing attendance can be a time-consuming, and expensive affair. It takes significant time to process timesheets, creates schedules, and act upon leave and attendance requests. With an attendance management system that has the capability to work on multiple platforms, organizations can cut through the problems easily. How? You’d ask. Here’s your answer – 

  • Mobile-based Attendance : 

HCM Solutions providers such as Darwinbox, Bamboo HR, Sage HR, etc have a mobile-first approach towards time-consuming processes in order to provide you with the best solutions on the fly. When it comes to attendance management,  new features like the virtual id card are specially curated for your staggered workforce management. It restricts employees based on their shift and tracks their attendance. Mobile check-in/clock-in can be done on an employee’s personal device instantly with proper validations in places such as domain check for login, Geo – Tagging, and IP Restrictions for Attendance punches in order to restrict any falsified records. This proves to be a must-have feature especially for organizations that work on differentiated shifts and where there is a need to maintain proper records all the time.

  • Absconding Management : 

Let’s face it, absenteeism without notice is a headache for the HRs and the team. Tracking and recording absenteeism on a real-time basis is not an easy task. With a time and attendance management system, the process and action become easier. Organizations can define SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to trigger the necessary workflows in accordance with an employee’s absence. With a flexible system, organizations can restrict an absconding employee from logging in to the system for any process flow and trigger automated emails with a self-defined time frame whilst keeping in the loop the direct managers and the HR team.

  • Workflow Management for hassle-free process management:

Attendance management is tightly linked to multiple processes and stakeholders throughout the organization. Be it payroll, be it performance reviews, or simply a leave balance adjustment, attendance management plays a crucial role and has to be monitored cautiously. An integrated attendance management system can close any broken loops and provide good visibility of all data in order to ease the workflow of payrolls, leaves, and performance reviews. The ability to define and assign multiple stages of the attendance management process to relevant stakeholders from the platform itself is definitely an added advantage. With the flexibility to pre-define SLA’s which in turn helps in aligning automated notifications or alerts giving clear visibility to the team and the managers, attendance management becomes a cakewalk! With just a few steps, your organization can implement an automated attendance management system that can help manage schedules, allocate work, and easily keep track of shift change requests.

  • Flexible Configurations : 

Every organization is unique when it comes to policies and assignments and they require a very flexible process integration when it comes to system adaptability. With an attendance management system, organizations have the ability to create custom attendance and leave policies and assign the same at the employee level. A highly flexible attendance management system gives the ability to restrict a leave request to a specific day as per the organization’s policy, restrict employees to apply for leaves even before or after a holiday/weekly off, to club different types of leaves together as per the organizational requirement and to refresh the leave cycle with respect to a calendar year or financial year. Think of any combination of an attendance policy your organization wants, there is a 99% chance that a good attendance management system can provide you exactly that.

  • Real-Time Tracking : 

It’s important to have process tracking on a real-time basis. Knowing what are the employees’ planned activities for the day and addressing the amount of work completed at the end of the day, helps in productivity management. And this is only possible via a cloud-based attendance management system. It enables real-time tracking and provides automated inputs whilst keeping the immediate manager in the loop. Managers have the complete visibility of all of her/his reporter’s work throughout the day in a single dashboard, real-time.

  • Reduces your HR Team’s work : 

HR is focused on a lot of tasks happening across the organization. With a unified time and attendance management system, the dependency on HR managers can be significantly reduced while giving more control to employees and their managers to make necessary changes in attendance management and shifts as per the situation demand. This provides all the teams working on-field, the flexibility and fluidity to move according to the project needs.

The benefits are significant and can be worth considering to help your organization improve employee attendance management and help them increase productivity and efficiency.


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