How to Repair & amp fix corrupt mov files ; Recover Corrupt or Damaged MOV File?


The. MOV file format was developed by Apple for playing videos on the QuickTime player. Introduced in 1998, MOV is essentially an MPEG4 video container file format supported on Windows and macOS systems to fix corrupt mov files. Common programs that play MOV files include Apple QuickTime player, VLC Player, Windows Media Player, Roxio Creator, etc.

Often users complain that they cannot play a MOV video file due to corruption— the video file playing smoothly until now suddenly stops playing or faces issues like grainy patches, deprecated quality, or remaining stuck at a specific point. These issues are broadly categorized as MOV file corruption, resulting from an incompletely downloaded file, faulty video compression or editing, broken header, etc.

This blog shares the methods to repair corrupt MOV files, thereby recovering & restoring them to a playable form. But, before we jump over to the repair methods, let’s go through the common reasons behind MOV file corruption, as follows:

Reasons for MOV File Corruption

Following are some of the common reasons:

  1. Video compression issues

Compressing a video involves reducing the number of bits required to render a video sequence. So, a fault in MOV file compression may affect video rendering, resulting in corruption. Similarly, editing or conversion issues can affect MOV file rendering, leading to a type of corruption.

  1. Incomplete download

If you are attempting to play a downloaded MOV file, the chances are that it is not playing because it is incomplete. This case happens when Internet connectivity is disrupted while a file download is in progress, resulting in a partially downloaded file that you cannot play.

  1. Broken video header

A video header is a file area or section comprising vital information that allows a program to read and play the video. If the header is inconsistent or has missing information (i.e., the header is broken), you will face issues with playing the MOV or any other video file.

  1. Power disruption

If a MOV file is abruptly stopped or closed due to a sudden system shutdown caused by reasons like power disruption, chances are the video file will turn out corrupt or face a playability issue. This case may happen due to inconsistencies in the file header information.

Methods to Repair corrupt mov files

Following are some of the DIY methods to repair a corrupt MOV file:

Method 1: Use VLC Player to Fix a Corrupt MOV File

VLC is a great free video player that can play several video file formats, including the MOV file. If you use VLC, you will appreciate that it can even play those videos that have rendering issues. Besides its impressive video playing capability, VLC is also a fantastic video repair utility that can fix MOV file corruption. Here are the steps:

  • Open VLC player and go to Media > Convert/Save

Open VLC player and go to Media

  • Click Add to add the MOV files you need to fix.

Add to add the MOV files you need to fix

  • After selecting the MOV file(s), click Convert/Save. A Profile edition screen will appear with options to select the file format and video codec.
  • Select a file format like AVI and then click Save.
  • VLC will repair and convert the corrupted MOV file into the chosen output video file. Check whether you are able to play the repaired MOV.

Check whether you are able to play the repaired MOV

Method 2: Repair MOV File Using VLC Built-in Repair Feature

Aside from directly fixing the MOV file, VLC player can also repair a corrupted AVI file. So, if method 1 didn’t work you can try this method, as follows:

Note: Create a copy of the MOV file and repair this copy with VLC. Don’t work on the original MOV file.

  • Click the corrupted MOV file and change its extension to .AVI. Press enter.
  • Launch VLC player and click the Tools tab in the top ribbon.
  • Next, click the ‘Preferences’ > Inputs or Codecs.

Next click the Preferences

  • On the Inputs/Codecs screen, select the ‘Always Fix’ option from the dropdown menu and click ‘Save.
  • Now open the corrupted MOV (changed to AVI file extension) in VLC and play it.

open the corrupted MOV

What are the alternative methods to repair MOV file?

VLC player provides a free utility to repair MOV file corruption. Another option is to use QuickTime player to determine the MOV file error code that might help you seek a solution online.

Aside from these, you can also try dedicated video repair software, including online repair utilities and professional repair tools such as Stellar Video Repair that you can install and use for MOV file repair.

One important consideration with any repair utility — online or installable — is to work on a copy of the original file to ensure you always have a fallback if anything goes wrong. Also, if you’re choosing online repair, consider the site’s trustworthiness to ensure that your video file remains private and is not exposed to any third party.



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