How to prevent computer radiation?

prevent computer radiation

Today’s offices and homes are inseparable from computers, and these computers are very strong radiation sources that prevent computer radiation. How much damage does computer radiation bring to your skin? The computers around us are the main culprit for young people’s dry skin and premature aging. Computer radiation is not conducive to the breathing of the skin and cannot maintain the necessary humidity of the skin, which makes our skin extremely dry and provides convenient conditions for the growth of acne and acne. Therefore, prevention is better than cure in computer skincare. So, how to prevent computer radiation? Xiaoxue will introduce you below.

Prevent computer radiation

prevent computer radiation

1. Clean the skin thoroughly

  In addition to the damage to the human body due to radiation, the electrostatic effect of the computer screen will attract a large amount of dust in the air. When the computer is in use, static electricity is generated. A large amount of dust and dirt gather in the air around the computer. This dust and dirt will fall on our skin and block the skin pores, so we must wash our face after using the computer. Because of being in front of the screen for a long time, the skin is also prone to excessive oil secretion and dust accumulation. After the computer is turned off, the first task is to cleanse the skin. Before going to bed, it is necessary to clean the skin in time after using the computer, which will reduce radiation exposure.

  2. Use barrier cream correctly

  For women, it is best to apply some protective equipment before getting on the machine, such as barrier cream or foundation. The barrier cream can effectively isolate the dust in the air, ensure smooth breathing of the skin, reduce the damage of dust to the skin, and increase the skin’s resistance.

  3. Strengthen hydration:

  In a room where the computer is turned on for a long time, the air is quite dry. At the same time, when the temperature is low, the blood flow is slow, the moisture and nutrients brought to the skin are naturally reduced, and the metabolism rate will also slow down. As a result, radiation spots appear. Therefore, a very important measure is to strengthen water supply.

  4. Supplement vitamins

  Vitamin B is very beneficial to mental workers. Those who have been dealing with computers for a long time should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. They are rich in vitamin B substances. Green tea and carrot juice are also very effective for nourishing eyesight and skincare. In addition, drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea and eat an orange every morning. Buy Vitamin supplement and Never Miss MyProtein Discount Code 50 Off at Brand Discount

  5. Keep your distance from the computer

  The distance between the body and the computer screen should be no less than 70 cm. In addition, new computers should be purchased as much as possible. Old computers are generally not used. The radiation of old computers is generally stronger. Under the conditions of the same distance and similar models, it is generally 1-2 times that of new computers. When using a computer, you must adjust the brightness of the screen. Generally speaking, the greater the screen brightness, the stronger the electromagnetic radiation, and vice versa.

  6. Stay away from the computer when starting up

  Facts have proved that the computer has the greatest radiation when it is turned on. Therefore, it is best to leave the office girl for a while when the computer is turned on, and wait until the computer is turned on before working with the computer, which can reduce a lot of computer radiation.

  7. Wash your face with tea water:

  Green tea is rich in tea polyphenols, which have a good effect on preventing radiation. Xiaoxue suggested that after getting off work every day, replace the cleansing water with the leftover green tea to clean the facial skin thoroughly, which has the effect of cleansing the skin and preventing radiation. Buy Skincare products and don’t miss the Amazon promo code nhs at NHS Discount Code

  8. Raise a cactus

  The cactus has a very good radiation protection effect. The cactus itself will grow very well in a radiation environment and will absorb a lot of radiation sources. Therefore, it is recommended to keep a cactus next to the office computer, which can effectively reduce the radiation.


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