How to Optimize Windows for Better Performance Using a PC Cleaner Software

How to Optimize Windows for Better Performance
How to Optimize Windows for Better Performance

PC cleaning and optimization is the biggest need of the hour. Here’s how you can make your PC perform better using Advanced PC Cleanup.

How to Optimize Windows for Better Performance, If you’re using Windows for a longer period of time, it might start working slow or start lagging. The large applications and features require a large number of system resources and temporary files. If you’re not a computer or tech-savvy, it is alright as you have landed here for a solution and we’ll be providing you with the best solutions to optimize your PC for better performance.

If you do not wish to work on a slow-performing PC, check out this blog further for a list of solutions along with the best PC cleaner software.

Fix: Best Tips How to Optimize Windows for Better Performance

Quick Tip: Install A PC Cleaner Software To Speed Up Your PC

Download and install Advanced PC Cleanup- a robust Windows 10 utility to clean all the junk out of your system, fix invalid registries, free up disk space speed up RAM and CPU, and a lot more. Furthermore, this wonderful utility cleans cache, cookies and shows identity exposing traces, scans PC for malware, spyware, and a lot of threats.

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1.Restart Your PC

 The first and foremost hack is to restart your PC. This hack works several times when a lot of apps and programs are left open and they, as a result, slow down your PC. After you restart your PC, try opening the apps that are of utmost importance and use. To restart your PC:

  • Select the Start button, then select Power  > Restart.

After your PC restarts, open just the apps you need and close the rest.

2. Install Latest Windows Updates

 Check if your system has the latest updates installed. When you check for the latest Windows updates, your PC also checks for the latest driver updates. If you find any available updates, it is recommended to download and install them as soon as possible to make your PC run smoothly. Here’s how to check for updates:

  • Head to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update  > Check for updates.
  • If it says, updates are available, install them. Or if it says, it is up to date, restart your PC and see if your system is running better or not.

 3. Check for Storage Space

 A lot of times storage space becomes a huge problem and you can improve the system performance if you free up some storage space on your PC. Here’s how to do this:

  • Head to the Start button, then select Settings  > System  > Storage.
  • You’ll see your drives listed in the Storage area. Note the amount of free space and total size for each drive.
  • If you find your system out of storage space, it is recommended that you delete unnecessary apps and programs to free up some disk space.
  • If all’s well and you have an ample amount of storage, try deleting temporary files.

To delete temporary files, head to Storage using the path explained above. Then, navigate to the Temporary Files in the storage breakdown. Select the items you want to delete, and then select Remove files.

4. Disable Unnecessary Startup Programs

If nothing worked, it is advised to disable unnecessary Startup programs. For this head to Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift+ Esc keys together. Then, head to the Startup tab and choose one application at a time and click on Disable. Do this until you disable all the startup applications.

 5. Check and Remove Malware Threats

 Last but not least. It is advised to check if your Windows PC has any malware threats or not. For this, you can choose to install Advanced PC Cleanup by Systweak Software. This amazing windows cleaning and optimization software let you identify and remove malicious content like malware, adware, etc. With its Malware Protection module, you can stay protected against viruses, malware, and other similar threats.  Again you can check the areas it scans to find malware hiding on your PC.

Additionally, the Advanced PC Cleanup utility offers several other help for Windows users as well. For instance, one-click care, junk cleaner, removing identity traces, uninstalling apps, removing login items, fixing invalid registries, and more.

 Final Words

 So, these were some of the best hacks you can consider to optimize your Windows PC for better and faster performance. You can always seek help from an advanced PC cleanup utility so as to ensure there is no chance for a slow-performing system.

Check out this guide and let us know if you find us helpful.

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