How to Create an ISO Image of My Hard Drive?

ISO Image

ISO Image We always take a backup of our smart devices like smartphones, Digital Cameras, iPods, Tablets on our computers just to ensure we safeguard our data. Have you ever thought what if your computer crash and your hard drive are not backed up? It looks scary even with the thought of it but taking regular backup can save your precious data. There are different ways of taking a backup of your data and one of them is to create an ISO image.

If you are unaware of how to create an ISO image, this article is a sure help to your worries. Explore everything about an ISO image, what it is, how it works, how to backup, and how to restore an ISO image. The best part is, an ISO image is itself a bootable backup. If you ever face boot issues or can’t load to Windows, you can easily use the ISO backup file to restore it. You can also use an ISO image to deploy it on another computer.

What is An ISO File?

ISO File, also known as ISO Image, is a single file that holds all the files on the disk. It’s a disk image file of a CD, DVD, Hard Drive, OS, or a program that can be compact in a single file. A standalone ISO image file is useless if we don’t have the right tools to assemble it, extract it, or open it. The file format of an ISO file is. ISO and can be opened with 7-zip, Win-Zip, PeaZip, or other archive file openers.

How ISO Image is Different from Cloning?

Disk Image or Disk Clone are termed different however solve the same purpose of creating a backup file of our data. The process of creating both the files is different but both are backup sets of data that can be created manually or by using third-party software.

In both cases, data is copied however there is a small difference. Disk Cloning creates a functional copy of the hard drive, while disk imaging is used to create an archive of the hard drive.

Disk Image OR an ISO Image

The disk image contains the content and the structure of a disk drive partition, Hard Drive, or the entire computer. The data on the ISO file is uncompressed and just a replica of the drive. If you have created an ISO file of your Windows Drive and your computer crashes, you can replace the bootable device from Hard Drive with the ISO file.

Disk Cloning

Disk cloning is a one-to-one copy of your Hard Disk Drive. Disk cloning is used when you are trying to upgrade a disk or replace an outdated disk with a new one. The clone disk drive can displace the main disk drive in the host computer.

How to Create an ISO Image?

The manual process of creating an ISO Image file is tricky however you can always use one of the Best Disk Image Software for Windows 2021, you can check out the best software working in 2021.

Create a Bootable ISO Image

Step 1. Go to the Download Page, Click on the Download Tool Now button to download the media creation tool. Once downloaded, run the device.

ISO Image

Step 2. On the tool console, click on Create Installation Media for an additional PC and click on the Next button.

Step 3. Select your preferred language of Windows operating system click on the Next button.

Step 4. Select the ISO file and click on the Next button, and the Windows tool will create an ISO file.

Step 5. If you wish to use this ISO file as a backup on your PC or on another PC, you will need to burn it onto a DVD or keep it on a USB drive.


How to Extract ISO File?

ISO Image

Step 1. Copy or download the ISO file on your PC.

Step 2. Right-click on the ISO files and click on the ‘Mount’ option. You can also click on the ‘Open With’ option and select WinRAR Archiver.

ISO Image

Step 3. The ISO file will show all the extractable files in a new Windows Explorer window. If you have an executable file in the ISO, you can look for the setup file and double-click on it to execute.

“You can also open the ISO file with third-party software like WinRAR, 7-Zip, etc.”

Summing Up

Creating an ISO file is not that easy that actually works when you are stuck on some screen. Third-party software like EaseUS Todo Backup or Acronis Disk Director can help you come out of tough times. You don’t need to master how to create an ISO image and just rely on backup software to create an ISO image file. Always keep a backup as plan B always works when plan A fails!



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