How To Cleaning up Your Mac Quick & Easy Tips, best Mac cleaning software

best Mac cleaning software
Best Mac cleaning software unlike Windows, Mac is a very stable machine and doesn’t create many problems but time and again they require proper maintenance and cleaning. Manual methods are time-taking and tiresome and don’t guarantee 100% results as well. But if you make use of the best Mac cleaner, you can ensure perfection in cleaning and keep your Mac as good as new for years.

If you feel that your Mac is slow and is not performing at its best, you need these easy tips for cleaning up your Mac. We have compiled top manual methods that you must perform to clean your Mac and the best junk cleaner for Mac that can automatically take care of your Mac in no time. It is wise to use the best Mac cleaning software instead of regularly performing the manual methods and juggling up with files.

Manual Methods to Cleanup Mac

There are several steps to processes to manually clean and optimize Mac. We have listed the best and most effective methods to clean up Mac for quick and positive results.

Clear Cache Data

best Mac cleaning software

Step 1. Go to the Finder window and select ‘Go to Folder’ in the Go menu.

Step 2. Type [~/Library/Caches] without brackets and press enter.

Step 3. Get into individual folders and delete all the files from them.

Step 4. Type [/Library/Caches] without brackets and expand individual folders to clear stuff. Ensure that you only remove the files inside and not the folders.

Clear Browsing Data

best Mac cleaning software

Step 1. Go to Safari and click on the ‘Preferences’ tab.

Step 2. Go to the ‘Privacy’ tab on the next window.

Step 3. Select ‘Manage Website Data’ button from the window.

Step 4. It will list up all the data history, cookies, and temp files on the device memory.

Step 5. You can select few or select all site’s data to remove and click on the ‘Remove All’ button.

Step 6. Click on Done, close the window and restart your Mac.

Disable Start-up Programs

best Mac cleaning software

Minimize the number of start-up items that unnecessarily load whenever you boot your Machine. All the newly installed programs add their shortcut in start-up items list that can be customized to remove unwanted start-up items. This will boost the boot up time.

best Mac cleaning software

Click on System Preferences and then go to the ‘Users & Groups’ option. Select the ‘Login Items’ tab on the top and put a checkmark on the item that you wish to remove from the startup. Click on the (-) button at the bottom to delete items from the list.

Free Up Space on Drive

Mac machines don’t keep dedicated RAM to execute apps hence it is advisable to keep as much space as possible on the hard drive. Regular cleaning up files can boost your system performance. Keep an eye on the movies, videos and other iTunes downloads and backup files. Remove what is old for you and make room for new items to add in the list.

Always sort items with Size and delete large files, email backup files, older version of apps, downloaded files, photos, backups and other unwanted stuff from your Mac. Go to the ‘Apple’ menu and click on ‘About This Mac.’ Click on ‘Storage’ and go to ‘Optimize’ or ‘Manage’ to tweak storage settings and delete unwanted stuff from the hard drive.

Close Unwanted Apps

best Mac cleaning software

We mostly use apps and keep them minimized for quick access whenever we need them next. This occupies space on your RAM and slows down the process. Always close all the unwanted apps from the dock. A bar or a blue dot may indicate apps that are open and utilizing space. (Cmd + Q) is the shortcut to quit running apps.

 Clear Trash Bin

best Mac cleaning software

Whatever you delete goes to Trash Bin and stays there for the next 30 days. If you have made major changes and deleted a lot of stuff, it is recommended to empty Trash Bin after the cleaning process to permanently eliminate unwanted stuff from your Mac.

best Mac cleaning software

Check Activity Monitor

best Mac cleaning software

Activity Monitor gives you an insight into all the running apps, CPU usage, Memory consumption and Network usage. If there is any memory-hungry application, it is recommended to close the interface and reopen it again.

You can also explore the best app to clean Mac automatically!

Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care is one of the best Mac storage cleaner apps that you can use in 2021. The app is trusted and loved by millions of users and has been ranked in the top 10 app on multiple app reviews. Smart Mac Care is a perfect Mac cleaning and optimization suite to remove malware infections, unwanted junk files, privacy traces and clutter from your Mac. It is compatible with OS X 10.9 or later and works as an all-in-one tool to keep your Mac’s health and performance at its peak.


Smart Mac Care Features

  • Best disk cleaner for Mac to optimize storage and clean up old residual files.
  • Inbuilt App uninstaller to smartly clear files, folders and subfolders of uninstalled apps.
  • Top Junk Cleaner for MacBook Pro for effective cleaning and robust privacy and security.
  • Best junk cleaner for Mac to clean junk, cache, trash, cookies, log files, and other temp files.
  • Removes privacy traces, browsing history cookies and app cache files to secure your privacy.
  • Duplicate file finder works smartly to find, preview and eliminate duplicate files and photos.
  • Best Malware protection Software for Mac to block, scan and eliminate malware attacks.
  • Finds and removes failed downloads, corrupt setup files and broken links/shortcuts.
  • Checks Login Items (Start-up Items) to boost boot time and performance.

Smart Mac Care installation process is absolutely simple. All you need to do is download Smart Mac Care and install the program on your device. Initiate a quick scan and leave the rest on this best app to clean Mac. It will automatically take care of redundant data files, junk and malware traces.

 Summing Up

 While using the best disk cleaner for Mac, I also ensure that I keep the most recent updated OS for swift functioning. You can also remove unused languages, remove old iOS backups to keep is clean. If you can’t manage daily manual practices to optimize the Mac, you can always make use of Smart Mac Care as this is the best app to clean Mac. It has always worked as the best junk cleaner for Mac while ensuring Privacy and security intact and keeping Malware away from your Mac.



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