How to choose a design for Custom Eyeliner Boxes to make them eye-catching

Custom Eyeliner Boxes

In the cosmetics industry, the look of the packaging plays a vital role in whether a customer will select a product or not. This is the reason Custom Eyeliner Boxes are also important to attract customers, as these are printed with various design features that appeal to the customers. But choosing a design, which is perfect for such boxes can seem like a tough task. To know how you can do that, then follow the tips below.

How to choose a design for Custom Eyeliner Boxes

Make your colors count.

Often the color of the packaging has the power to make a customer stop and take a good look at the product. This is why you need to ace your game of colors to attain maximum attention in the market. Make sure to choose colors that are bold and vibrant. These eyeliners are usually the highlighters that make your eyes pop out. This is why for a product like this, equally good packaging is required. So by using vibrant colors, you catch the attention of the customers from far away. These colors highlight your product while it is placed on a retail shelf. It beats your competitors who are using plain boring whites and pinks. A good color combination is black and golden. This combination displays class and royalty. 

Custom Eyeliner Boxes

Make it marketable

Competing in this ever-growing market is hard, and you have to get the best tools for marketing for outshining your competition. This is where your eyeliner boxes can help you out. Use their print-friendly surface to print the logo of your brand along with the name of it. This will generate brand awareness, and more people will get to know about your brand. This, coupled with attractive colors and patterns, will be the perfect recipe for succeeding in the business.

Design the insides

Most companies are majorly focusing only on the outer design of Custom Eyeliner Boxes. But thanks to the printable nature of these packages, you can print them from the insides too. You can use colors and patterns to improve the unboxing experience of the customers. A good tip here is to match the inside color of the box to the color of eyeliner. This will be helpful if your packaging has a die-cut window in it. A die-cut window will not only display the product from the outside but also show the color of the insides of the box. This will help customers as they can find the shade they are looking for without having to open the box. 

Use trendy design illustrations.

Every year there are a lot of new designs in the industry regarding cosmetic packaging. This is because this is one of the most innovative industries in the market. So for you to compete in the market, your boxes should be equipped with the latest designs. You can find about the latest design trends from either studying your competitors or over the internet. Some common trends, in this case, are matching the qualities of the eyeliner with the packaging. If your eyeliner is a glittery one, then the patterns on the box will be related to the glittery nature of the product. Similarly, if it is supposed to be matte, then the box lamination will be matt with muted tones. Other than that, the geometrical design patterns are pretty high in demand nowadays. 

Use of images

Similar to design illustrations, images also have a vital role in impressing the customers with the effects of the product. Now, these images can either be related to the product and its build quality. Or you can add a face to it for impressing the customers. Most companies use their brand ambassador’s image on the box to attract attention. People, when they see a familiar face, are instantly attracted to that product. So you can use images of a famous model or an actress to give people a reason to have a look at your product. 

Say it with typography.

Many pieces of research have shown that people remember the brand with a tagline more than the one without it. This is why you can find a catchy tagline for the most popular brands. This is what attracts the customers, and you need to highlight it in a way that it can convert impression into sales. Other than a tagline, your brand name and the product name should be clearly visible on the box. Make sure to use fonts that are easily readable and colored in contrast with the color of the box. This will improve the readability of the box and can help customers make the purchase decision faster. One other tip is to use the same typography pattern that you normally use on your other packaging. This is to provide customers a sense of familiarity.  By following the helpful tips and tricks mentioned above, you can design your Custom Eyeliner Boxes in the best manner. This helps you in highlighting your products in the market and at the same time generate brand awareness. So if you are convinced by these tips, then you should get in touch with a manufacturer to get started.


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