How to Backup Everything on My Android

How to Backup Everything on My Android

It’s always painful losing your Android smartphone or its data if it is not backed up. How to Backup Everything on My Android. We keep a lot of memories that we capture on the go, photos, screenshots, saved messages, passwords, documents, favorite music, and most importantly our contacts. Taking a regular backup is always important on Android devices to safeguard our precious data.

How to Backup Everything on My Android?

It is important that you wisely make use of the free cloud storage and the sync function across different application platforms. Accidental damages can happen anytime anywhere life theft, water spillage, or phone slipped out of the cliff! Now never lose your precious data with these manual steps and the best Android backup and recovery tools. We have compiled steps to backup manually on a computer, Google Tools, or using a third-party application to backup everything on the go.

How Do I Back Up Contacts on Android Device?

Contacts saved on your Android device or on SIM1/SIM2 are not automatically backed up. To ensure that you keep all your contacts synced across devices, it is important that you move them on Google Contacts and keep the sync turned ON so that it can automatically save all the contacts on Google Contacts.

Step 1. Go to the ‘Settings’ app (Gear icon) on your Android phone or tablet.


Step 2. Tap on ‘Google’ and then select ‘Settings for Google apps.’

‘Settings for Google apps
‘Settings for Google apps

Step 3. Select ‘Google Contacts sync’ and then tap on ‘Also sync device contacts’ followed by the ‘Automatically back up & sync device contacts’ option.

Step 4. Here you can turn on the ‘Automatically back up & sync device contacts’ option to sync all the contacts saved on your phone to Google Contacts.


Back-Up Photos and Videos on Android Device


Google offers different apps to store different datasets. You can upload up to 15GB of your data on Google Drive/ Google Photos, Gmail, and other Google services. You can back up your documents, PDF files, and other files on Google Drive however to backup your Photos and Videos, use Google Photos.

Google Photos has an automated backup process to backup your photos or videos and store them on cloud storage to avoid data loss or manual uploads. You just need to sign up with Google Photos and configure it to upload the data automatically.


Step 1. Tap on the Google group of folders and then tap on Google Photos.

Step 2. Configure your Google Account if you are getting here for the first time.

Configure your Google Account
Configure your Google Account

Step 3. Tap on the Google Account icon on the top-right.

Step 4. Tap on the Turn ON Backup option and again tap on Turn ON Backup to confirm the selection.

Turn ON Backup

Step 5. Tap on the Account icon again and tap on the Settings option. Tap on the Backup and Sync option on the top and toggle the switch to turn it ON.

“Please Note: You get 15GB of FREE storage space that is clubbed with Google Drive, Google Photos, Gmail, and all other apps in the Google folder. If you ever run out of this free storage space, you can add up more space by subscribing for a paid plan.”

How to Back Up Files & Folders on Android Device

Google Drive is the best resource to store your files and folders from Android to cloud storage. Now if you are wondering how do I backup my entire Android phone data on Google Drive, follow these steps!


Step 1. Tap on the Google folder and then tap on Google Drive.

Step 2. Configure the account by entering your email address and password.

Step 3. Tap on the Plus icon to add new and select the ‘Upload’ option.


Step 4. Here you can select the files and folders that you wish to upload and then tap on Select on the top-right to upload them directly on the drive.

Step 5. You can also create different new folders to upload your Music, documents, photos, screenshots, videos, movies, and more on Google Drive for easy navigation.


Back-Up Apps & Settings on Android Device

Backing up just the stuff is not enough as you won’t want to configure your new device all over again. You can also backup your settings and App data to pick from where you left. You can back up all your apps and their settings to restore them on your new device right from your Google Account.

Step 1. Tap on the Settings icon on your smartphone and then select Google for Google Settings.

Step 2. Tap on the ‘Backup’ option from the list.

Step 3. Tap to toggle ON the ‘Back up to Google Drive’ option. If this is the first time you are configuring, you may need to enter your account details to configure the settings.

Other Cloud Storage Options

There are different cloud storage alternatives that you can utilize to backup your data and keep it synced on all your devices. Microsoft OneDrive offers 5GB of FREE storage to upload your data on the cloud space while Dropbox offers just 2 GB of storage space on the drive.

If you have multiple Google accounts, you can configure all of them to upload data on the cloud space but you will need to switch between accounts. All the service providers offer paid upgrades for up to 1TB of data storage.

How to Back Up Android Devices – Contacts, Photos, Messages, Music, and More on a Computer

If someone asks, ‘how do I backup my entire Android phone’, I’ll suggest using a computer. Backing up Smartphone data on your computer is the easiest and convenient method that you can use to keep your data safe. Every computer has a lot of storage space that can hold up to 5-7 backups at a time. You can follow these simple steps!

Back Up Android Devices

Step 1. Connect your smartphone with a USB data cable to your computer.

Step 2. On the popup, allow permissions for the USB data transfer and make your device discoverable.

Step 3. Press (Win + E) to open Windows Explorer on your computer.

Explorer on your computer

Step 4. On the left-hand side, panel click on the ‘This PC’ option and then double click on your smartphone device to explore data.

Step 5. Select the folders that you wish to backup, copy and paste them in a new folder on the D: Drive. It’s always preferred to take backup on the drive other than the Windows Drive (C: Drive).

“Please Note: Don’t forget to take a backup of your contacts in CSV format, documents, photos, videos, music, WhatsApp data, and other files on the computer.”

Though file transfer with a USB cable is much faster than Bluetooth transfer or wireless sync, if you don’t have a cable or a USB port on the computer, try other Wi-Fi options.

How to Back Up Android Devices Using Phone’s Backup Option

You can also make use of the device’s backup option to take a backup of your smartphone. Every device manufacturer offers a backup account to keep your data safe and backed up for emergencies. For example, if you use a Samsung device, it will backup your data on the Samsung Cloud.

Samsung Cloud
Samsung Cloud

Step 1. Tap on the Settings option and then tap on the ‘Accounts and Backup’ option.

Step 2. On the Accounts page, tap on the ‘Backup and Restore’ option. If you have not created an account on your device, it will ask you to create a Samsung Account.

Download LinkBackup and Restore

Step 3. Tap on Backup Data and it will select all the data that can be backed up. Simply tap on the Backup option at the bottom to start back up.

“Please Note: Samsung Account only allows 5Gigs of FREE storage space. For more storage, you will need to upgrade to the paid storage. What makes it unique is that you can back up your SMS, Reminders, Calendar, Apps, Settings, Voice Recordings, Documents, Music, or Contacts on Phone.”


How to Back Up Android Devices Using an App

There are several apps that can help you to take a backup of your Android device. Some offer to sync your smartphone with your computer while others offer you to take a backup of entire data on the cloud storage. It is always wise to take a backup on the cloud storage as your data is safe on cloud servers.

Right Backup Anywhere – Online Cloud Storage

Designed By: Systweak Software

Required OS: Android 4.1 or later

Released/Updated: 02 Sep 2020

Current Version:

Size: 6.7 MB

Price: FREE 100MB / $19.99 for 1TB

Download Link: Get it Here

Backup and Restore

Right Backup Anywhere is one of the best data backup applications for Android that you can find on the Google Play Store. Once you backup your data from your Android device to the Right Backup Cloud Storage, it automatically starts taking incremental backup of the selected folders.

There are two different backup modes, Smart Backup of your smartphone or Custom Backup to manually select the files and folders to backup. Once you sign up for the first time, you get 1 month of a free trial of up to 100MB of data to try and test the backup and restore services. You can always upgrade the service for an amount of $19.99 to get 1TB of cloud storage space. This is way more reasonable than the other cloud storage services available as Google, OneDrive, or Dropbox.


Right Backup Anywhere Features

  1. Backup entire Android phone data or select custom data
  2. Easy, safe, and secure backup and restore service across the devices
  3. Choose between Smart Backup or Custom Backup for hassle-free upload
  4. Automatic 12-hour scheduler for scheduled backup or manage regular backup services
  5. Secure socket layer, password protection, and SSL security to prevent unauthorized access
  6. Link your account on Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS and access or restore your data
  7. Access your files anywhere from any device with the same account credentials
  8. Easy and secured way to share large files with anyone from the cloud itself
  9. High compatibility, upload, and download speed for swift operations
  10. Best way to globally manage your data from all devices


Summing Up

If you ever wondered, how do I backup my entire Android phone, the steps in this article will help you secure your data and backup your Android devices? We have collated different smart ways to explicitly take backup of different datasets. You can always keep your entire data backed up and ensure you never lose a single file in case of lost, broken, or stolen devices. High compatibility with all OS makes Right Backup Anywhere the smartest way to backup, restore, and manage your data on all universal devices.


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