Entire world smoking kills many men and women cigarette smoking is major addiction in the world sometime this smoke can put men in anxiety men mental health, depression and stress disorder which are same harm as cancer happens from smoking habit because of that can ruin your relationship, your wealth, the life of freedom and many other things which are expected from you to your families.  As per the survey, there are many men who said this smoking helps us to get relax and focus on work but that cigarettes also invite many diseases from the backdoor and put men in health problem circle suddenly.


As per experts, you can deal with smoking just for a temporary period of relaxing and avoid stress which can invite men mental health issues.



And men who are currently in depression are they are most case to do smoking depression can have lower levels of the which naturally release in the brain cells and maintain positive happy feelings. Nicotine is one of the outer things which can found in tobacco that can release the dopamine type of chemical in brain cells for temporary just like for short time. But, smoking is naturally stopped a dopamine natural supply if men can smoking a long time period.


There are many people who are using smoking as stress relief and start smoking if you can see many people who are under stress they can start smoking previous who is not smoke. Smoking may give short-term but does not address stress away. Stress is which can men want to leave anyhow and their brain finds out the solution quickly and the easiest way to get that man where get more comfortable that is smoke.


Yes, smoking gives obesity and increase cholesterol level high. When people are smoking constantly they can not feel they are starving and when they can start eating they can take lots of unhygienic food with lots of calories intake which can slowly put you in obesity circle or you can not become fat but your cholesterol level can be increased and which can you put over bad health circle. Lungs are the sensitive organs in the body and if they cleaned your body will perform well because they can filters.


Many are confused to take a decision at some point and they can start smoking to get attention on that topic to concentrate on the serious decisions. In current time many young age people get smoke when to take a decision on any problem for concentration on that particular topics. There is one research are covered IT professionals take smoke more rather than another field of work just because of work stress and the coding decision taken.


Too much smoke can release the dopamine chemical in the brain and get blood thick in which can slow down the blood in vessels sometimes that can give many diseases like erectile dysfunction, cardiac and brain stroke. For erectile dysfunction genetic pill available which can take weekly or take before the intimate time with a partner. There are many pill brands available like fildena, Kamagra oral jelly, and tastylia oral strip which can an effective way to treatment on erectile dysfunction problems boost up blood in penis vessels, and get an erection.


Too Smoke means chain smokers are facing skin problems and aging problems see on their health.  Men who take smoke have got dehydrated easily which can give wrinkles over face skins and looks old age. Who are taking cigarettes frequently which are keep the body dry also it can increase the cholesterol in the body.


Cigarettes are killing millions of people around the globe each year and with their disease, many can get financially broke as well.  If men can avoid this bad they can feel healthy and fresh it up to their lifestyle many ways there are many ways you can avoid cigarettes.


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