How Can Pregnancy Tracker Help Would-be Parents?


A woman’s life changes the moment she knows she is pregnant and she is a would-be mother!

Pregnancy is a gift that lets a woman experience the most wonderful feelings, while she holds her baby in the womb. A pregnant woman experiences every stage of her infant’s development by herself.

However, now by using a mobile-based pregnancy tracker application, all the family members around the new mother can keep a track of the pregnancy conditions.

Today, we have advanced technologies that track pregnancy and the 9-month journey of motherhood. These apps act as a friend to women during their pregnancy.

Also, the app includes notifications on motherhood tips, preventive measures & precautions, medic requirements, regular checkup schedules, appointments, calorie calculators, nutrition trackers, weight tracking, symptoms tracking, and baby growth track.

These apps are also known as baby tracker apps, they remain personalized with the best features and functions to keep up with the timeline of all pregnancy conditions in a proper manner.

What are your thoughts on these apps? Are these apps user-friendly? How do pregnancy tracker apps help? Are these apps free to use? What are the benefits of a pregnancy tracker online? What is a pregnancy calendar app?

Today, in this blog post, you will get all the answers to the above questions!

Furthermore, at the end of the article, we will tell you how a mobile app development company develops pregnancy tracker and baby tracker applications.

Let’s start with our first question, i.e.,

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Is Pregnancy Tracker App Game Changer?

It is always interesting and enthralling for a woman to know the growth of her child inside the womb in weeks. If you have an application to check and keep the woman aware of her wonderful 9 months experience, following every day, week, and month, then it would be a great assistant app, just like a 24 hr available nurse for them, during their pregnancy.

But, it is hard to develop a pregnancy tracker app. You need deep research, the best knowledge, ideas, development technologies integration for better end-user.

“The app must connect emotionally with everyone.”

First, it tracks the budding new life, and second, it comes directly in healthcare automation services. A trust is really needed from such applications, before using it for the purposes!

Are they really game changer applications in healthcare utilities? What do you think? Got no clues? Let’s first discuss some of the most important –

Benefits of Pregnancy Tracker Apps

  • Track day-to-day baby’s development and growth.
  • Get expert tips, notifications, and daily updates on the pregnancy journey.
  • Read helpful articles and latest news, information that guides would-be parents for continuous 9-months.
  • Get guidance on food and nutrition for the pregnant woman using the pregnancy calorie tracker feature that tells about useful protein, mineral, and vitamin intake in an appropriate quantity.
  • Also, get exercise & yoga advice to keep pregnant women fit mentally and physically.
  • Get the weekly checklist and reminders directly from your doctor on medicines, weight, and other symptoms.
  • The app also predicts the contraction based upon the past months’ medical conditions. This way women get the time to prepare themselves for the labor stage.
  • Such apps have entertaining sides too. Yes, would-be parents can capture belly photos and share them socially anywhere with the best happy quotes.
  • At different stages of pregnancy, a woman undergoes multiple changes in blood pressure. A pregnancy tracker app monitors blood pressure.
  • The best feature of these apps is that all the users of pregnancy tracker apps can connect together in real-time and discuss their stories and journey. Each app allows making its own community!

Some of the Latest Pregnancy Tracker Apps: Stork, UMC Pregnancy App, 280 Days, Baby Bump, Preglife, Pregnancy +, The Bump, Sprout Pregnancy, and Hello Belly.”

Key Features To Develop Pregnancy Tracker App

Your lady love will definitely enjoy having a pregnancy tracker app, but it should be a quality one, responsive, functional, and rich in features. Also, the app’s user interface must connect to its users.

Actually, using pregnancy trackers, it becomes easy for the women to handle everything in advance during the three trimesters because the app provides personalized help and assistance.

But, this help and assistance are only possible if the app has good features and functions properly at the admin-end and the user-end. A lot of apps offer different kinds of inbuilt tools, upon which usage, a woman prepares herself properly for the baby’s arrival.

These apps look promising! Do they

Let’s check the pregnancy tracker app development features:

Basic Features: Daily pregnancy tips, Daily updates on baby’s growth cycle, Q/A community, Contraction tracking features, Baby kick tracking, Baby sleep tracking, Breastfeeding guide, Health & safety articles, Activity tracker, Baby advice care, Join birth clubs and communities, Health assessment tracker, 9-month scheduler and tracker.

User Application Features: Login + profile management, Data privacy guarantee, Track weight, baby growth, Daily clinical guidelines, Updated childbirth club data, Pregnancy calendar app, Week by week tracking, Daily tips – health & fitness, food & nutrition, weight, BMI, etc.

Admin Panel Features: Profile sign-in/out, Manage database, Tools Manager, Vital monitoring, Experts like doctors, staff nurses management, Daily PHDs (personal health directives) by doctors, Content management, Various test analysis

Some Other Features: Offline Access, Due Date Progress Bar, Chat With Experts, Trimesters, Social Sharing, Weekly Baby Updates, Informational Videos/Blog, etc.

All these features present in a pregnancy tracker app, a.k.a baby growth tracker apps are very helpful to the would-be parents. First, they get informed facts and information about their baby and its health, mothers health. Second, the availability of doctors is just a click away!

Should You Use Pregnancy Tracker Apps?

In my opinion and experience, YES, you must use pregnancy tracking apps. Not because these apps help pregnant women in their trimesters. But, the apps are consistent in giving pregnancy-related information, daily health tips, required medications, weekly baby updates, and more.

Most of the time, when a woman is pregnant, everyone around her tends to be attentive and remain on their toes giving full attention to the pregnant woman. However, a tracker application makes it easy for the family members and everyone lives stress-free.

“I call these apps the best-dedicated companions to the women during their pregnancy period. Such apps empower women and bring a more supportive approach for a would-be mother.”

As these applications are new in the market, they have some challenges and possible risks that sometimes outweigh the benefits. But, that’s just a small thing! As time forwards, you will get a chance to use better pregnancy tracker applications.

Don’t worry, feel free to use any of the Android and iOS pregnancy tracker applications and make the pregnancy journey of your women beautiful, stress-free, and properly assisted with lots of information and expert support.

Mention your comment in the section below and tells us, which pregnancy tracker application you will use!


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