Flood Damage Restoration Action Plan

flood damage restoration

Water can Flood Damage your home or business in many ways. This could be due to light pipe fittings or a small crack in your foundation, or it could be due to broken water pipes (such as in winter), or a hole in the roof caused by a storm. No matter how it happens, it is an issue that needs immediate attention. As long as the humidity stays high, the damage is just as great.

Water damage is generally divided into three different types.

Flood Damage Restoration

Category 1 – Clean / Sanitary water

Category 2 – Slightly contaminated and can cause illness

Category 3 – Extremely polluted and can cause severe illness or death.

Category 1 Water, Home / Business owners can handle water loss if they are in a small area. However, if it is in a larger area, or in category 2 or 3, it may be time to call a water extraction professional. More damage, or even the possibility of disease, is a possibility. However, if the home/business owner still wants to fix the problem on their own, here are some things that need to be done immediately.

  1. When water is damaged, turn off the electricity first. Water and electricity are a deadly pair. Stop the flow of water if it is still flowing. You cannot start cleaning until this is done. You may have to cut a key valve.
  2. Next, start purifying the water. It is important to remove all the water as soon as possible or it will be an ideal place for you to grow mold and even more trouble. If you think it is category 2 or 3, you should wear rubber gloves and a mask.
  3. Once you drain as much water as you think you can possibly do, you need to bring some heavy-duty fans to the area and work to dry the moisture. As long as there is a small amount of moisture in it, they need to be continued.
  4. If you have damaged something you know about that cannot be repaired, such as drywall, rag, or damaged floor or carpet, it needs to be taken out. It still has a lot of moisture and it’s still on its way.
  5. Once you are sure that the moisture problem has been resolved and all damaged equipment is out of the building and the area is clean, it is time to assess the damage. You may still need the help of a specialist to inspect for mold, segregation and disinfection, and damage to wires.

Remember that the key from water damage restoration is removing all moisture, so there may be some damage.

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