Got your start-up stuck during lockdown? Here’s how to survive


We choose to be optimistic.” – during lockdown, this is what successful businesses, survived businesses during these tough times recite. Yes! Observe lockdown as an opportunity and not just a pandemic.

business survive during lockdown

Many companies especially start-ups across India chose not to shut down after the corona and lockdown hit. India is ranked among the top ecosystems of start-ups in the world. In the coming years, we might see an even more rise in Indian start-ups.

With the commencement of COVID-19, businesses here saw a decline in their revenues and suffered a huge impact. Business owners had to take a call. Start-ups especially in their initial stages are with very minute chances of surviving such a long pandemic. Job losses, start-ups losing their revenues, etc. brought up the dangerous and unavoidable situations for companies in India.

Start-ups are for risk-takers. These owners saw this as an opportunity to instead, escalate their revenue. Work from home was here to stay. Some of the sudden challenges were to worry about generating sales and winning funds from investors. This was to become the pain in the back for business owners.

Start-ups like travel businesses and similar verticals which needed people to travel saw one of the biggest impacts. With the pandemic on the rise and announced lockdown all over the nation, such start-ups in India were about to lose. Companies that quickly adapted and came up with new ideas stood up and are still alive today.

Below are 5 such tips to help a business survive during lockdown-

Accept the truth

Is the smartest to accept the situation and be positive all the time. You cannot ignore the situation and needful and continue with your operations. For travel companies, continuing with travel promotions could end up their future then and there.

Be optimistic about the future and next to come. Let’s see how you can adapt with the lockdown below and dop the right.


Lockdown 2020 and 2021 demands people to stay at home and work from the house. Yes, companies need to adapt to the new normal – remote working. ‘Remote working is here to stay – how many times have you already heard this during lockdown?

And why not? This is now something that new companies/ start-ups need to adapt to in order to stay right. Allow your interns or contractors to deliver from home. Hire remote workers and freelancers to avoid employees traveling to the workplace.

This will also help you save expenses on workspace and traveling expenses. Remote HR solutions like cloud HRMS software can be the requirement here. Cloud HR and payroll software help you read employees and calculate wages automatically.

Internal sales

Now that it is difficult to generate sales during the hit of lockdown, due to no service usage, companies can think of innovative ideas to generate internal sales. For survival, a common yet useful tip here could be coming with good membership plans during lockdown.

People would love to interact with your service either way. The benefits must be useful and effective to the subscribers. This will definitely generate a good account balance and stable revenue for the company even after the pandemic.

Online/ digital marketing

With everyone at home, mobile users have risen. Usage of social media and mobile websites saw a great peak in these couple of years. This can be a very good opportunity for such business makers in such hard times.

Digital marketers during remote working, can create brand campaigns, be very active at social media platforms, do online podcasts, and similar online activities to engage with people/ potential leads. Digital marketing and social media vertical is never to die. Leverage this opportunity like never before during lockdown.


Now that we all know, this pandemic has somewhere to end. Lockdown is definitely not to stay here forever. So, plan how you can make the most when lockdown ends. How to generate maximum sales and profit in the upcoming months and decades.

Keep your minds busy and sane. Worrying about the situation and failing to plan for the future could be even worse. Plan your future cash cow AKA potential sales verticals now. Work for the future today.


Do not think of reviving your business. Think of keeping it running. From a new internal revenue system to a future sales plan, a business has a huge chance of performing as planned.

Indian start-up ecosystem of the future is in good hands – keeping this in mind, you have the right motive to get your company on the right path. With the right HR strategies and business management, you can get it right. Stay safe! during lockdown

Thanks for reading. Good luck!


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