what causes of students depression and how to overcome them

causes of students depression

A number of college students are depressed. Psychological, environmental, and biological factors in college have contributed to depression among students. This article explores the causes of students depression and how to overcome them.

Causes of students depression:

  1. Interpersonal relationships

The current generation relies on technology as a means of communication. Some have an assignment helper while others do not. Starting new relationships in college either romantic or platonic can be a challenge. Most people live fake lives on social media.

Students have to live real life i.e. having fun with friends, studying together among others. Changing lifestyle may lead to stress which may result in depression. No one wants their friends to know that they live two different lives on social media and in real life.

  1. Lifestyle changes

Before joining colleges, students are used to eating a healthy diet, having good sleep among others. After joining college, they have cramming sessions, late-night parties and eating cafeteria food. This can be a cause of student’s depression.

  1. Drug abuse

When students join college, they have all the freedom to do what they want. Many of them start using drugs. They do not have control over drugs use and so they end up consuming excessively. This may result in depression and mental health problems.

  1. Fear of the future and uncertainty

Students in college have fear of the unknown. They are not sure if they will find jobs after school. They do not know how they will pay their bills and how they will live with the high cost of living.

Some fear the responsibilities ahead. Transitioning to adulthood and getting ready for the world of work is a challenge to some students. When they think of it negatively, they may lack the capacity to handle the future. This may lead to depression.

How to overcome student’s depression

  1. Seek help

Students should not fear speaking out when they feel depressed. Depression whether severe or mild can be treated. If depression is not treated, it can lead to a serious state. The best way to recover from depression faster is by seeking help from mental health professionals.

Do not feel guilty if depressed. Depression affects millions of people in the world. Every college and university has counseling services to help students. Keep visiting the offices to be checked for any causes of students depression.

  1. Plan for your time

Create a schedule for all your activities. Taking control of your time makes one feel satisfied. Prioritize your tasks to focus on the urgent and the most important ones. E.g. If you have a case study assignment due soon, ensure you complete it before the deadline.

Know your weaknesses and strengths. Look for ways to improve on your weaknesses. Set healthy and attainable goals. Focus on positive thoughts. This will help you stay away from depression.

  1. Get enough sleep

Constant fatigue can lead to depression. Ensure you sleep 7 to 8 hours a day continuously so that you can be stable in your wellbeing.

Avoid procrastination. Work on the important things, then the less important ones. Get to be an early wake up early and start your day. This will help you in having fresh days without fatigue.

  1. Do things you are fond of

Find activities that interest you. Be it sororities, going outdoors, sports, or student journalism. Find anything that relaxes your mind and energizes you. These activities will help in breaking your pattern which may help in reducing depression.

It might be challenging to know the activities that you find pleasure at. Try to find things that give you positive energy.

Enjoy life to the fullest but do not expect to recover from depression outright. Healing is a process. Appreciate the small changes in your experience. With time, you will recover fully.

  1. Eat a balanced diet

Whatever you feed your body with affects your overall perception and psych. Consume healthy food. Avoid taking foods that do not affect your mood negatively. Such foods include; high amounts of alcohol, caffeine, food with high levels of chemical preservatives among others.

Do not skip meals. This leads to exhaustion and irritability. Take at least three main meals a day. Minimize taking foods with a lot of sugar. Excess sugar crashes your energy and mood quickly.

  1. Try methods of relaxation

Doing simple things to relax your mind may help in reducing depression. Methods of relaxation may be different from one person to another. These methods include;

  • Deep breathing
  • Exercise
  • Aromatherapy
  • Scribbling away your stress

To conclude

Joining college is an important thing in the lives of students but it can be challenging at the same time. Meeting different people, experiencing different lifestyles changing diets among other things can be causes of student’s depression.

Signs of depression include; weight loss, feeling sad, fatigue, loss of concentration, suicide thought among many others. All students should check out for these symptoms.

If you are a victim, do not worry, depression is treatable. Read all the ways mentioned in this article and get help on how to recover from depression.


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