Top 5 Most Successful Business Ideas to Start Business in UAE

Start Business in UAE

A Start Business in UAE is attractive to entrepreneurs and investors from all around the world. However, just like everywhere else, market research is important here in the UAE as well. Some industries have a lot of competition, while others are very welcoming. Some sectors already have a lot of players but still require more new entrants. While others have only a few competitors but still has a lot of barrier of entry. Today, we are going to look at the sectors you can target for a free zone or mainland company setup Dubai.

Mainland Company Setup Dubai

There are three different economic jurisdictions in the UAE. Different types of businesses thrive in different jurisdictions. Today we are going to suggest five business ideas for you and also suggest which of the economic zones will best for that specific type of business.

Here are the five most successful business ideas to Start Business in UAE:

  1. Beauty Salon

People in Dubai, and the rest of the emirates, have a lot of expendable income. As a result, they are willing to spend more to take care of their personal hygiene and physical appearance than people in some other major cities. If you provide respectable service, you will not lack for clients and customers. Even though there are countless beauty and hair salons in the UAE, the demand for more is still there. As long as the people get decent service and do not need to get super late appointments, they will be happy.

Beauty and hair salons can be successful in both free zones and the mainland. However, you will find more benefits in some free zones than in others. There are different benefits for free zones and the mainland as well. For example, company incorporation is easier in the free zones. Whereas, the mainland provides more lucrative contracts and clients, even though the company setup process is a bit more comparatively more complicated.

In the mainland, you need to get approvals from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai and other agencies. You also need to get the location of your business approved by the authorities and ensure everything is according to the guidelines.

  1. Restaurant

The food and beverage industry in the UAE is also very lucrative. Similar to the beauty sector, the food and beverage sector also has a lot of stores, but the demand is still a lot higher than the supply. People are more likely to eat out than cook in and that is why the demand for more food carts, fast food chains, and restaurants are still there. However, all this means nothing if you cannot provide healthy and tasty food for the customers.

People here are not restricted to the local cuisine only. While there is a certain food that is forbidden, the locals are willing to try new foreign dishes as well. That means that you do not need to be an expert in the local cuisine, you can bring your own country’s specialty here in the UAE and still find success.

Food and beverage businesses are in demand in both the mainland and the free zones in the UAE. The economic zone does not matter because people everywhere need to eat. But still, it is suggested to do significant research before selecting a location for Start Business in UAE.

  1. Healthcare and Wellbeing

The locals here are conscious about their fitness and health. Whether you are a fitness trainer or a healthcare professional, you will find lucrative opportunities here in the UAE. Some of the free zones in the UAE are solely focused on the healthcare and wellbeing sector like Dubai Healthcare City and the Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park. Patients from all over the world travel to the UAE because of the superior healthcare services here.

The Ministry of Health in the UAE is expanding the country’s healthcare institutes and facilities. This means that now is the right time to get into the healthcare sector in the UAE. Even if you are not a healthcare professional with a relevant background. You can still be a personal trainer or a gym instructor if you are an athletic person yourself.

  1. Web Development

As all businesses in the modern world are dependent on the internet, the demand for web development is on the rise. Countless businesses have not gone online yet and countless new businesses are starting every day that need a website. However, there are not enough web developers in the UAE to meet the increasing demand for websites. Besides web developers, the need for social media managers, SEO specialists, digital marketers, etc. is on the rise as well. If you specialize in any of these sectors, you can find lucrative opportunities here to Start Business in UAE.

There are several free zones dedicated to the IT industry here in the UAE like the twofour54 in Abu Dhabi and the Dubai Internet City (DIC). These free zones provide countless benefits for businesses in the IT sector. It is very easy to incorporate a business in these free zones as well. A mainland company in Dubai is also easy to set up thanks to the company setup consultants.

  1. Consultancy

Last but not the least, if you are an expert in any field, a consultancy business will be very lucrative for you. There are countless people looking for your knowledge and expertise for their own business. However, even if this sector is very lucrative, you need ample qualifications backed up by years of experience to successfully run a consultancy here  Start Business in UAE.

You can choose from various sectors when opening a consultancy firm. Some of the most popular ones are marketing consultancy, construction consultancy, accounting consultancy, business consultancy, etc. Besides these, there are more sectors where businesses require your professional consultancy. As long as you are an expert in the field, starting a consultancy Start Business in UAE is very easy.

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