Best Tips To Deal With Quality Issue of Supplier


When you outsource to China or Asia, you get many benefits like low costs, skilled manpower, and effective management. But, optimum product quality is an important challenge for companies that want to outsource their production to China.  

Quality of products

An increasing number of importers are currently locating their factories outside their countries in order to reduce costs and increase profits. However, what is the use of these reduced costs if the manufacturer waives or reduces the quality of the products?

No matter how expensive your products are, consumers are unlikely to purchase them if they think that the quality of their purchased product is not worth their investment. Now, no importer will need his factory to manufacture low-quality goods, so why do these problems arise?

Mainly, unfortunately, not every manufacturer you deal with follow ethical codes of conduct that obligate them to abide by their contract and produce precisely what you asked them to manufacture. Often, factories lay explicitly in raw materials, manufacturing processes, and other aspects associated with the manufacturing of your product.


Measures on your part

This needs some measures on your part, being an importer, in order to protect yourself from any substandard or defective quality products shipped to you by your supplier- most often by taking appropriate preventive steps, such as quality control checks. In addition to this, you can take services from third party inspection companiesto ensure the optimum quality of your products. 

Why the factory will compromise on the quality of products

Factories often lay explicitly in raw materials, processes, and other aspects associated with the production of your goods. This needs some measures on your part, being an importer, so that you can protect yourself from any substandard or defective quality products shipped to you – most often by taking appropriate preventive measures, such as quality control checks in china.

But the main question arises is why your supplier would compromise on the quality part of your goods.  Here are some points or reasons which shows why a supplier would not be vigilant about the product quality which is being produced, or in fact lie to you:

1- Short-term goals

When some of the countries, especially the developed ones, are interested in building long-term partnerships with their customers to expand the scope of their customers, a large portion of suppliers in developing nations are interested in immediate profit only, and in doing so they do whatever it takes, including lying to you, they like to enter in business partnership with you.

2- Save costs 

“High-quality vanishing” is a common phenomenon in countries like Asia, including China, where firms are intentionally drawn into dealing with them by providing you with optimum quality products in the initial stages that unfortunately do not last long. Since they showed you a standard quality good, but they promised a low price, they are under pressure to cut costs as much as possible. As is clear, reducing costs will inevitably harm the quality of your goods.

3- Unintended lying

There may be some situations that the supplier may not intend to lie to, but due to differences of opinion, they may not understand that what they are reporting or the promise is a lie or incorrect. This may be due to its criteria for an acceptable product may not necessarily comply with the standards, which could be the result of insufficient information or misunderstanding about your brand by the supplier.

Let’s Wrap Up:

Therefore it is stressed over and over again to make sure there are no crucial cultural languages ​​or barriers that may prevent you or your manufacturer from completely understanding each other. Good product inspection service in China or any other country will help you in finding the right supplier for you and you get assured that you will get only the high quality product within stipulated time frame. 



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