Benefits of Using Magnetic Rubik’s Cube

Benefits of Using Magnetic Rubik's Cube
Benefits of Using Magnetic Rubik's Cube

A Rubik’s cube can be easily solved in 20 or fewer moves! Benefits of Using Magnetic Rubik’s Cube,To get the fastest speed, cubers learn the sequences and algorithms that help them solve the cube. When they see a scrambled cube, they immediately identify which algorithms can be used to solve it. Cubers need to think fast and move fast. 

This is why there has been an improvement in the designs of the Rubik’s cube with added magnets that add stability and act as a positioning system. This helps in aligning a cube better for the next twists. Cubes with magnets have a stronger core and a mechanism that is designed to make them move faster, smoother, and more reliable. You can check out some of these designs at Cubelelo.

Listed here are some of the benefits of solving the magnetic Rubik’s cube for speedsolving. However, the benefits you reap also widely depend on the kind of approach you choose. 

Benefits of Using Magnetic Rubik’s Cube

1. It helps with improving memory.

You need a lot of practice to speed cube. Practicing cubing on a regular basis will help you improve your memory, especially muscle memory. This is very useful because you would need your muscle memory to be top-notch for being a master at work or other activities. 

2. Cubing improves patience

Once you take the scrambled cube, it will definitely test your level of patience. Even a beginner method is not that simple. But if you are persistent and patient, you can learn to solve it eventually. Once you start practicing more complex methods, you would require even more patience. 

3. Become a problem-solver

If you simply learn existing and known methods to solve your magnetic cube, you might not benefit much in terms of becoming a problem solver. But if you start figuring out your own ways to solve a cube, you can become all the more creative. 

4. Mapping things in your mind

Learning algorithms means memorizing step-by-step moves and in a certain sequence. There is no room for errors when it comes to performing algorithms. This will help train your brain to memorize and map things in their order. 

5. Keep your mind active.

Like any puzzle, the magnetic cube will keep your brain cells active. It doesn’t matter if you are a speedcuber or a puzzle lover. When you are cubing, your brain will keep its cognitive functions in shape.Benefits of Using Magnetic Rubik’s Cube 

6. Make your reflexes faster.

If you are speedsolving (trying to solve the cube as fast as possible), you will at some point come across multiple moves which will, in turn, sharpen reflexes. This can be very useful in life, and sometimes it can be a lifesaver. Speedsolving requires you to see colors that are moving at a faster pace and perform the next moves accordingly. Benefits of Using Magnetic Rubik’s Cube

7. Improves fingers dexterity

Having your fingers agile has certain benefits. It will certainly keep your fingers in shape, and it can help with joint degeneration people of old age experience with fingers. Benefits of Using Magnetic Rubik’s Cube.

8. It can break mild addictions.

If you are trying to break any mild addictions by giving yourself something to do that keeps your hands and mind engaged, then a magnetic speed cube is the answer for you. Solving a cube is among the best solutions to break any mild addiction like nail-biting, etc. 


In case you are confused about making a choice between a magnetic cube and a non-magnetic cube, the only difference is that magnetic cubes come with great speed and design that is specially meant for speedcubing. So, if you are serious about stepping into the world of speedcubing, then you should definitely opt for a magnetic cube. Benefits of Using Magnetic Rubik’s Cube

However, if you already own a non-magnetic cube and don’t wish to invest a lot of money to buy a magnetic one, you can always buy cube magnets separately. There are many online tutorials by experts and guides available on the internet that can help install these magnetics in your cube. All you need is great and consistent practice and good lubrication. 

Engaging in speedsolving is truly life-changing. It can help your brain relax and even help develop a love for puzzles. Who knows, someday you could be the next record-breaking speed solver that the world has been waiting for! Happy cubing! Benefits of Using Magnetic Rubik’s Cube



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