AR Remote Assistance- Key Benefits and How You Can Deploy It

AR Remote Assistance

AR Remote Assistance As per the Statista report, globally, the Augmented Reality (AR) market is expected to grow significantly to over 198B USD by the year 2025. It simply means that companies that have already embraced this technology can have a significant advantage over other companies that are yet to deploy AR-based solutions. Though the adoption rate of AR technology is different across various industry sectors, it works wonders in the remote assistance space across a wide range of industries. 

AR remote assistance solutions are useful for various activities including inspection, maintenance, and repair equipment in the field. Simply put, any enterprise with a remote plant and a field service team can make the most of AR-based remote assistance solutions or the “see-what-I-see” model. Let’s start from scratch and understand the concept of remote assistance with its importance. 

What and Why of AR Remote Assistance

AR remote assistance solutions combine live video streaming, AR capabilities, and two-way audio communication like superimposed digital information overlaid on the user’s view. On one hand, there is field personnel, and on the other hand, there is an expert for a successful session. An AR remote assistance solution is designed to connect experts with field workers for real-time communication and collaboration through sharing of documents, photos, and videos. 

Here are the key characteristics of the remote assistance solution. 

Expert Assistance

This is one of the biggest characteristics of remote asset solutions. When expert assistance is necessary in a remote place, the technician can use this solution irrespective of the type of handheld device. It can be a phone, tablet, or smart glasses with a front-facing camera to launch the remote assistance software. The devices need to be connected to the Internet for enabling collaboration between the technician and remote personnel

Task Completion

Once the field personnel receives expert advice or required resources, they can either continue working on the equipment or end the call to complete the task. AR Remote Assistance lends a helping hand across different industry sectors ranging from hospitality to retail and manufacturing to insurance.  

Real-time Collaboration 

Remote experts have a PC or laptop, which is connected to the Internet. With the help of the remote assistance app running, it is easy for them to answer the call and see exactly what the field worker is seeing in real-time. After making an assessment, the remote expert can send files like images, PDFs, and video clips to save them for future reference. 

Remote Support

It is easy to provide the proper assistance through audio or text through a remote assistance solution. The repair and maintenance process can be done through PDF manuals and tutorial video links as well. Digital annotations and database storage functionality are helpful as future references for the same issues.  

Progress Reviews

On-site personnel can take notes and make real-time corrections during the progress review or post-installation inspection. 

Real-time Inspection

Remote inspectors can see what the on-site team can see through AR and other assistive technologies. 

Enhanced Bids

Bid teams can remotely walk through the site with local account teams before issuing a quote. It can enhance the bidding process. It is fair to mention that remote assistance software can enable modern enterprises to enhance the efficiency of their remote workforce and improve productivity. 

Key Benefits of Remote Assistance Software

Let’s understand the key benefit of remote assistance software with a real-life example- Imagine a sudden issue occurs in the equipment at your remote plant. How will your remote workers resolve the issue without a technician? Either they can wait for technicians to come that results in unwanted and long downtime, or use the remote assistance software to contact the technician virtually and repair the equipment as per the real-time instructions through AR and other related technologies.

AR-based remote assistance software can enable remote staff or technicians to collaborate on-site with a specialist for resolving the issues without physically visiting the site. In a way, you can save a lot of time, effort, and money while getting the production line up and running. Service industries and OEMs can provide better assistance to their corporate clients as and when they need to use the AR remote software. Noteworthy benefits of remote software include-

Increased Productivity

AR remote assistance enables enterprises to increase productivity by enabling field workers to collaborate in real-time with experts and complete difficult tasks faster. It results in reduced execution time and production downtime. 

Reduced Downtime

Real-time assistance can save a lot of time and effort for resolving the equipment’s issues and maintain the product development cycle. Downtime gets reduced significantly as your field personnel can resolve issues soon. 

Decreased Costs

AR-based remote assistance software can facilitate companies to save big on the technician’s visiting cost and breakdown of the equipment. 

Deployment of Remote Assistance Software

Evolving technology has strengthened AR-powered remote assistance. As a result, once limited to accessing through desktops, today, remote assistance solutions can be used through mobile devices. Several reputed IT solution providers have come up with customized mobile apps for remote assistance. These days, wearable and mobile apps have significantly increased comfort and convenience for technicians and field workers alike. 

Skype and FaceTime are useful apps for using remote assistance. However, it is necessary for apps that are capable of offering a real “see-what-I-see” viewpoint while dealing with industrial and hazardous environments. Hands-free solutions like AR smart glasses enable technicians and remote workers to share and view instructions in the form of PDFs, photos, and HD videos right in their field of view. What’s more, modern remote assistance glasses have protective shields for maintaining occupational safety standards even in hazardous areas. 

Future of Remote Assistance Software

AR remote assistance solutions have a bright future as forward-thinking companies and enterprises that have diverse and remote plants tend to integrate AR remote assistance into their business systems. Though many customizable solutions are available these days, you need to check for turnkey solutions for gaining an edge over your competitors who are yet to integrate remote assistance software into existing business systems.


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