AngularJS Vs ReactJS: Which Front-end Tool to Choose For Your Project

AngularJS Vs ReactJS

With the increasing prominence of web applications among businesses, heavy investments are being flown towards this lucrative solution in AngularJS Vs ReactJS. These days, varied SMEs, startups, and large enterprises are opting for various web frameworks to develop feature-rich and robust web applications. Different types of web development tools are readily available nowadays to build competent web apps. AngularJS and ReactJS are among the most sought-after and top-rated front-end web development tools. Developers are utilizing these tools extensively in the development of multifarious web applications.

Undeniably, both AngularJS Vs ReactJS are two great choices for developing web apps. But if you want to opt for only one of these two choices like ReactJS development services, the decision is a bit complicated. Although you receive a host of advantages by opting for ReactJS, AngularJS also has a lot of potentials. Moreover, here we are to broach a discussion about these front-end web development tools to figure out which one is suitable for your project.

AngularJS vs ReactJS: Let’s introduce them!

Before jumping right to the discussion of AngularJS vs ReactJS, a brief introduction of both these front-end frameworks is indispensable So, here is brief information about both AngularJS and ReactJS below.


AngularJS is an open-source web framework and it is utilized for developing dynamic web apps. Google and the Angular community are responsible for the maintenance of this framework. It allows using HTML as the template language as well as enables the spread of the HTML’s syntax to give the application components a succinct and clear exposure. It is an MVC-based web framework that stands for Model, View, Controller. With the help of a prominent AngularJS development company, you can build robust web apps for your business.


ReactJS is a JavaScript library and an open-source web solution. The JavaScript library is a popular tool to create dynamic user interfaces. It was introduced by Facebook that is maintained by a community nowadays. It is powered by JavaScript and JSX (a JavaScript extension). The library is only used for the creation of views of web apps. By choosing ReactJS development services, you can build top-notch web apps that will have impressive user interfaces.

AngularJS vs ReactJS: Comparing the tools on various aspects

If the development of varied web solutions is your goal, then both AngularJS and ReactJS give you limitless potential. Below is a full-blown comparison between these two web development tools grounding multiple factors of comparison.

Learning curve

We are initiating the comparison with the learning curve for each of the tools. As a complete web development framework, AngularJS is enriched with web development features. Hence, to build a web app using Angular, you have to be conversant with several things like TypeScript, MVC, and more. Other know-how includes directives, templates, dependency injection, services, decorators, components, modules, and pipes as well as advanced concepts such as Rx.js, zones, AOT (Ahead-of-Time) compilation, etc. Due to the strict coding, the framework offers a clear structure for web apps. But you have to learn tons of things to embrace AngularJS development.

ReactJS is only a JavaScript library. So, it just has a few concepts that you need to learn to build a web application. Further, another benefit of ReactJS is JSX (JavaScrit XML) that provides a method of writing HTML into JavaScript. To use ReactJS, you only need to be conversant with routing, JSX syntax, how to write components, manage internal state, props for configuration, state management using Redux, and more. The library has flexibility with many options to accomplish a task differently. Therefore, ReactJS is comparatively easier to learn than AngularJS.

Components and size

Being based on the MVC architecture, AngularJS works with Real DOM. The framework supports bidirectional data flow, as well as the size of it can be 92KB or above. On the other end, ReactJS supports a Virtual DOM which imitates the Real DOM and is light in size. It is just a JavaScript-based representation of the original DOM. Furthermore, unlike Angular, ReactJS supports unidirectional data flow. ReactJS can be 46KB in size, smaller than the AngularJS framework.

Migration and community support

A new AngularJS version is out every six months or updates are released for the framework. Thus every year, minimal two updates are available for it. Google is maintaining the framework along with a huge community. In the case of ReactJS, Facebook is maintaining it. It is much easier to update ReactJS than AngularJS.

Kinds of apps

AngularJS is a premier choice for large web applications like video streaming apps or music instrument apps. The reason is it is a full-blow web app framework. Moreover, ReactJS is only a library based on JavaScript, so it is primarily used for developing Single Page Applications (SPAs) or solutions that don’t require much formatting. Companies using You can opt for AngularJS web development services to build full-scale web apps.

Final thoughts

Both AngularJS and RectJS have merits and demerits. However, AngularJS is a full-blown web app framework and ReactJS is a JavaScript-based library with extensive features. You can use any of these web development tools based on your project requirements. So, according to your requirements, you may need to choose ReactJS web development services or AngularJS, or both. Make a choice depending on your needs and which one is more suitable for your project.


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