7 Reasons Alabama Needs a Car Bill of Sale

Car Bill Of Sale

An Alabama car bill of sale, a car title which is an important document that legally transfers car ownership from one person to another. A car title is also known as a vehicle certificate of ownership or simply “title.” The Alabama Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) requires car owners to register their cars with the state and obtain a car title before driving on public roads. This article will discuss seven reasons why all Alabama residents should get an Alabama Car Bill Of Sale Alabama.

Reason (#001): A car title ensures who owns the vehicle by changing it from one person’s property to another’s when ownership changes hands.

Reason (#002): Car titles provide information about previous ownerships on documents that can come in handy for buyers or sellers if they want to trade their car with no credit history.

Reason( #003): The car title also lists other previously owned vehicles, so you know what might happen should you find a lost car.

Reason (#004): Car titles provide information about the vehicle’s history, such as how many times it was wrecked, and if a car is titled already, then you have to get another car title.

Reason( #005): You will also find out whether or not the car has ever been stolen by reading through its car title.

Reason (#006): Many people are unaware that they need to keep their car titles to sell their cars legally.

Reason (#007): Titling and reselling your car becomes a lot easier with a bill of sale available at any given time.

We hope these 7 points have given you some insight into why it’s so important always to carry around a copy of your Alabama Car Bill of Sale! If you are looking for a car bill of sale in Alabama, then Forms.legal is here to help you with the process and ensure that all information gets accurately documented on every form. Let them know if they can be of any assistance in helping get your purchase covered by insurance or answer questions about the state law governing vehicle sales transactions. The more informed you are, the better your experience will be when buying a new ride from any dealership; they will ensure that this momentous occasion should go as smoothly as possible!


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