7 Practical Tips for Designing a Stellar Resume

Practical Tips for Designing a Stellar Resume
Practical Tips for Designing a Stellar Resume

A resume is a total change in your career. A resume will be your golden opportunity to show yourself as a potential employer. You should Practical Tips for Designing a Stellar Resume treat the resume as a marketing tool.

Obviously, you won’t be the only one to have a resume, so make it valuable enough that employers can’t resist going through your entire resume. When we learn of a resume, we usually start to make a list of employment history, background, skills, and qualifications in our mind and present the resume to you. But if you want to build a strong resume, you will have to do a lot more than that. There are several ways to spruce up a resume without going overboard.

So to help you land an interview, I have created a step-by-step guide to creating a resume. We hope

7 Practical Tips for Designing a Stellar Resume:

Tip 1: wear a trending design

If you are in a creative profession, using an outdated resume design will not work. If we are talking about recent trends, consider wearing flat and colored designs as they are a popular trend right now. Your resume design will show up if it’s up to date with your sense of style. You can use an online resume builder, which is a repository for all up-to-date resume designs.

Tip 2: always prepare a cover letter

A cover letter can make a difference in the hiring decision by allowing you to reiterate important information from your resume and also gives you the opportunity to speak in a more personal tone. It also shows your general approach to job search efforts.

Tip 3: pay attention to the font you are using

When choosing a font for your resume, make sure it’s screen-readable and printed. Although there is nothing right or wrong when choosing a font for your resume, you should keep the following in mind:

The font size should be between 11 and 13 points.
If you are digital or more creative, consider using sans serif foods.
Don’t use Comic Sans or Papyrus as it gives it a childish vibe. Employers may not take you seriously.

Be consistent with your font style and font style. Use the same style and font for all headings, and the same is true for body text.

Tip 4: Try not to add your photo to the resume

Although it is a debatable topic, countries like the United Kingdom or the United States do not prefer photos on the resume as it reveals the case, religion, color, creed, etc. of the candidate. For employment and anti-discrimination laws in these countries, people avoid resumes that come with a lot of personal information. However, countries like China, Germany, and Japan prefer CVs with one, as it helps them remember the applicant. In this case, the most logical advice will be to research the company to find out its preferences or simply make your resume without its image to be sure.

  • Make it visually strong

Our eyes always perceive information first, so you must strive to be visually appealing. Your CV is a place that tells the story to recruiters in an innovative way. Using an infographic resume is a great way to present your resume and skills, especially if you are applying for art-related jobs as a designer, customer service, animator, social media manager, digital marketing, UX / UI designer. It is best to stick to a traditional resume if you are writing a nursing resume or applying for a corporate job. You should Practical Tips for Designing a Stellar Resume treat the resume as a marketing tool.

  • Create a solid impact using the right colors

Colors can sway the minds of readers, so be sure to pick the right color. Choose your color so that your resume looks attractive, but be sure not to go overboard with it. Understanding how colors work in psychology will help incite different emotions on the resume. You should Practical Tips for Designing a Stellar Resume treat the resume as a marketing tool.

  • Yellow, red, and orange colors can evoke emotions ranging from warmth and comfort to anger and hostility.
  • Blue, green, and purple tend to generate a calm emotion.
    You can use two-color layouts to highlight different sections like job title, company jobs, skills, titles, job titles, etc. You should Practical Tips for Designing a Stellar Resume treat the resume as a marketing tool.

7. make it skim

HR will not spend more than 6 seconds on the resume. They can’t read every word, especially when they have thousands of resumes to review. Usually what they do is skim through the content to get an idea. So what you’ll need to do is make the most of those precious seconds.

Two things to make sure your resume can be scanned:

Create columns

Columns allow you to wrap a large amount of information without making the layout seem cluttered. It also makes your resume readable, thus improving your chances of being read.


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