5 Games for those who want Something Longer


Recreation for video games has long been not the lot of geeks, but a world trend. What to play is the eternal question of a real gamer. We have compiled a selection of the games with the longest play through. These game worlds will take dozens, if not hundreds of hours of your time. But do not be sad, because according to the philosopher:


Time spent in pleasure is not wasted time.


Note that for obvious reasons, the list did not include “endless” games like Sims. All of the listed titles have a logical conclusion. In addition, the games from the list may have multiplayer (purely network games will not be on the list either), but we estimate the duration of a single passage of the original game without add-ons (with rare exceptions).


The time we indicated is the average time it takes to complete the game 100% (with reading dialogues, meticulous study of the location, objects, etc.).


Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey


Gaming platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.


The eleventh game of the series of the same name from Ubisoft will take the player to Ancient Greece during the Peloponnesian War.


The Odyssey presents a huge game world, consisting of 28 different geographical zones (mountains, forests, seas). There are many non-linear quests, the ability to have romances with companions, three classes of character development, sea battles, interesting dialogues. In general, this is one of the most addictive games in the media franchise, the main disadvantage of which is the presence of a large amount of grind.


Thoughtful completion will take you over 350 hours (52 hours – main campaign).


Mass Effect: Andromeda


Gaming platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.


The fourth game in the series tells the story of the settlers who left the Milky Way to colonize the Andromeda galaxy. Exploration of new planets, dynamic team battles, “rides” on the “Nomad” all-terrain vehicle, the opportunity to develop romantic relationships with fellow party members – the game Bio ware continues the best traditions of the franchise.


Of the minuses, one can note an unremarkable plot and routine side quests of the same type (which, by the way, almost all RPGs sin), as well as some technical flaws (for example, not the best facial animation of characters).


However, it will take you about 219 hours to complete the game (main campaign – 26 hours).


Dark souls 2


Gaming platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360.


Action RPG for those who want not only more authentic, but also more hardcore. In the role of a living dead, you have to explore the dark kingdom of Draglink in search of a cure for your curse.


The game is stingy with dialogues and descriptions, the plot is presented in fragments that each player connects and interprets in his head as best he can. But this dark fantasy world is famous precisely for its cruelty towards the player. The character will die dozens and hundreds of times, trying to defeat the next boss. Here is a guide for Coin master free spins.


Not a huge game world and a bunch of quests, but the prohibitive complexity of the game will make you spend over 300 hours of your time on completing it completely (98 hours – the main campaign).


Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Gaming platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.


An original RPG that focuses on historical accuracy rather than dragons, magicians, ghouls and other fantasy attributes. Once in Bohemia in 1403, you will learn the hard way: start your career as a commoner and grow to a knight. And not in shining armor, but in ordinary ones, which tend to wear out. The weapon breaks, the food spoils, and the hero even begins to exude a scent if he doesn’t take a medieval bath in time.


A detailed world, interesting quests, for which you will have to turn on your head, a non-standard combat system – all this was tainted by a bunch of bugs on the game’s release (however, most of them were fixed long ago).


And it will take you over 170 hours to study the amazingly realistic Middle Ages (50 hours is the main plot).


Dragon age: Inquisition


Game platforms: PC, PlayStation 4.


The third part of the series, which tells about the incessant struggle of mankind against evil in the lands of Thedas. The game turned out to be not as dark and gothic as DAO, but much better than the second part. Closing interdimensional rifts, fighting demons using a tactical pause and existing skills. During breaks, we communicate with comrades at the base and plunge even more into the lore of the universe.


The main disadvantage of the Inquisition is the artificially prolonged gameplay based on gaining “influence” – a resource necessary to open new locations and advance through the story.


Largely for this reason, it will take about 277 hours to complete the game (with the length of the main storyline being 73 hours).


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