While LIMO RIDE services can be alleged as a luxury service for the rich and famous, you would be surprised how a few hacks can not only save you money but cost less than a taxi (including saving your time waiting in the taxi queue!)  In addition to flat rates and not based on meter fare which works on time and distance (and surgeon demand for ride-sharing apps), use these tips to further save you on your journeys.


Request outside pick up LIMO RIDE


Now if you’re a frequent traveler and have to hurry once you arrive at the airport, this is the quickest way out of the airport.  Not only do you have a limo driver ready outside to whisk you away as you walk out of the terminal, but you will bypass the entire parking lot, pay for the parking (fee saved), and spend no time to exit the airport.


While meet and greet service is great for when you’re not accustomed to a particular city or if you have lots of luggage, it does cost more sometimes, about 20% extra!  Insider tip: text the driver as you get your luggage from the baggage carousel or if you got only carry on, text about 5 minutes before moving outside the terminal. Not as elegant as having a chauffeur holding a sign with your name so everyone who’s walking to the taxi line can envy you, but it’s very efficient.


Best if you’re traveling to Melbourne airport. The outside spot at Melbourne airport picks up is outside park royal hotel or upstairs at the end of Qantas terminal at departures.


Book directly with Limousine Company


So what does this mean?  Aren’t I booking with a limousine service when I use Uber black or Limos.com?

You’re not, these ride-sharing apps and services, while convenient and say they give the best rates by having limo services compete for your services, actually add a 20% or higher commission to what a regular limousine service would offer.  And don’t forget the possibility of surge pricing, hikes!


Instead, use it as a search engine like google reviews but just for limousine services.  Look for ratings and reviews then select the best for the money and call them directly.  Again, not as simple as pressing a couple of buttons and booking, but the rates you get when calling are well worth the extra time, especially for things like dinner nights, weddings, or corporate travel.


Not only that but you would also be amazed how limousine companies have caught up with technology and may even have apps of their own! Another hint: if you’re a frequent traveler in a particular city, create an account with them and receive a personalized service in your home city. Most account holders receive discounted rates off their regular rates!


Request for Delay Airport Pick Up


Another airport tip to save you money.  How would you like to enjoy the convenience and luxury of having a professional driver meet you at the airport, but not pay for the extra wait the limo driver has to go through?  This works best for international arrivals and doesn’t have global entry (Australian citizens can speed through customs with this so this hack does not apply to them).


If you’re traveling from abroad to say Tullamarine airport, once you land, not only do you have to get your baggage but have to go through customs.  Customs can occasionally take at least an hour and before you know it, you’re getting charged for it.


Now, it is best to hire a limo service in Melbourne with a chauffeur meet and greet at the terminal of a foreign city, the driver will track your flight and meet you upon arrival, such a great way to start a trip to a new city.  Most chauffeur companies not only charge for the meet and greet but offer 1 hour courtesy wait time for international arrivals.  However, once that hour passes, and most times it does, you will get charged for waiting time.


Instead, specify to your limo service to not only track your flight (they do this regardless), but to pick you up 30-45 minutes AFTER your flight touch down. So for example, your flight lands at 6:00 PM, but you ask your limo provider to be at the airport 45 minutes after it lands, so the new pickup time is 6:45 PM.


Your chauffeur will be at the terminal and now you have until 7:45 PM before the wait time charge applies.  You just saved a potential charge of $25 had the driver came in at 6:00 PM when the flight landed. This gives you an extra cushion in case of delays and long queues at customs and still has the convenience and peace of mind of having your chauffeur greet you when you arrive without paying extra for it!


But you have to make sure you request this, and simply putting it on the time on the reservation does not count (for example, the flight arrives at 6:00 PM, and you simply reserve by putting 6:45 PM on their online reservation system).  Otherwise, the limo service will just track the flight and the “actual arrival times” always replaces the “reservation time” for airport pick up. The comment section of most online limo reservation services is a great place to specify this request.


I hope these hints and tips help you when booking your next chauffeur hire service, Although these have been applied in Melbourne  City, they will work just as well at your next destination!


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