3 Pixie Haircut Best Ways To Grow


A lot of people want to go for a nice and chic pixie cut. It is a convenient, stylish, and extremely popular Pixie Haircut. It is completely fine and even really good to change your hairstyle to something totally new once in a while. If your current hairstyle doesn’t suit you or interest you anymore, you can try something more cool-looking and exciting.

A pixie cut can definitely offer you that. But are you confused about growing out a pixie cut? People struggle to grow it out to the right length while going through the growing phase and literally tolerating the hair they have at that point. If you face something like you can go to a hair salon in Ahmedabad and tell them exactly what you are trying to do with your hair.

Best Ways To Grow Out A Pixie Haircut
Pixie Haircut

Going to a hair salon or beauty salon in Ahmedabad will give you some perspective as to whether this style will really suit your face and whether or not you will be able to achieve that look with your hair. A lot of those tips will be made available to you right here with this article though.

It takes time

When you want to grow out a pixie cut, it takes a lot of time, so you need to be really patient with your hair. It can easily take anywhere between 6-9 months for your hair to grow into a bob. Another 7-8 months will take for the length to grow long enough so that you can tie your hair into a ponytail. It is quite obvious that aiming to grow longer hair takes a really long time, even if your hair grows at a really good speed. So you must be ready for this. But on your way to growing out a pixie cut, you will learn a lot about your hair and you can easily play with different styles and methods to treat your hair.

Take good care

It is really important that you keep an eye on how your hair is doing during this stage. It is said that short hair is easily prone to damage compared to long hair. Sometimes when you feel like your hair is not growing at all that is probably because of all the damage it is undergoing. This damage can be taken care of. You can also opt for the PRP treatment in Ahmedabad.

Make sure you do not over-wash your hair. By way of over-washing, you are stripping your scalp and hair from all the essential oils that it requires to grow and sustain. When you wash your hair daily, it becomes dry and more prone to damage.

Make sure you are using a conditioner after shampoo. This will help you in retaining all the moisture that is washed away by the shampoo. If you get a deep conditioning treatment at a hair salon in Ahmedabad, it is even better.

How you treat your wet hair tells a lot about why it is damaged. Taking care of wet hair is really important. You cannot apply too much heat or pressure to wet hair as they are more prone to breakage. Brushing your wet hair is not considered to be a good thing. But you can do it when they are not too wet and just slightly damp. This will help you distribute all the essential oils all over the hair and also regulate blood flow.

Reduce your usage of hair products or styling products. Try to keep your hair in a simple bun or just keep them covered or safe in some way. Also, only make use of sulfate-free products. These will help you retain all the essential oils.

Visit a salon

We cannot stress this enough. Find the best hair salon in Ahmedabad for females and make sure you find yourself a hairstylist who understands your needs and your style and can guide you in the right direction. Make them understand what you are trying to do with your hair. Talk about the style you want. Ask them if what you are doing is the right way to go about it. Just talking to a hairstylist will give you a lot of clarity as to how you should be treating your hair if you want a pixie cut or any other kind of hairstyle.


You will find some good hairstylists at any best hair salon in Ahmedabad for male and females. But no matter what you do remember that at all times and at each stage it is important to take really good care of your hair and nourish them at all times. Giving your hair good nourishment will only help you further in reaching the style you want. But more than anything else, remember to have fun with this. You will get to know a lot about your hair and what you should be doing to keep it healthy.


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